Alive in Reno

Just so you know. Not fallen down a well or eaten by grues or anything. Reno is fun. Hope where you are in the world is fun too.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

18 replies on “Alive in Reno”

The library is understaffed today, and as person-impersonating-a-figure-of-authority, I get to fill in wherever needed. I’m not as young as I used to be, 4 hours on the circulation desk on my feet hurts more (get off’n my lawn!!) Still nothing has caught fire, burned down, fallen over, and sunk into the swamp, so we’re still tentatively good.

If you want to go Burnerwatching (Burning Man starts next week so they’ll be trickling in), may I recommend the Walgreens above I-80 at 750 Virginia Street. Look, there’s a Blue-Headed Darkwad buying some Gatorade!

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