If Herman Li Made Hot Sweet Love to Nyan Cat

This would be the result:

For those who need context: Here, and then here.

Also, I apologize for putting the image of Herman Li making hot sweet love to Nyan Cat in your brain. That was so wrong of me.

20 Comments on “If Herman Li Made Hot Sweet Love to Nyan Cat”

  1. Stuff like this makes me wish the Internet were a person so I could hug it. The whole thing.

  2. Does making sweet love to Nyan Cat require lube? I have always imagined it to be full of flavored lube as opposed to traditional poptart filling.

  3. Hey, I know this guy! I mean, not personally…but he’s on my YouTube favorites list. His Bad Romance Lady Gaga metal cover is awesome.

  4. Pure win. I knew of Nyan Cat but had not heard of DragonForce before now (I know: sheltered life). Excuse me, I need to be buying a few CDs now…


  5. Ok, the visual was just totally wrong (and before coffee, even. Ugh!) But damn, that’s some sweet guitar!

  6. That guy is awesome! His Star Wars mix is very good, but that may be because Star Wars translates into metal very well.

  7. I saw Dragonforce live in Oxford a couple of years ago. It was fun but unfortunately the sound system wasn’t upto the task. The opening band, Turisas was much fun though. As I get older I start to find I no longer have the energy to keep up with the power metal bands. :(