Last-Minute Appearance Notice: Saturday at Context 24 in Columbus

The folks at Columbus’ Context 24 convention contacted me yesterday with some bad news: Their Guest of Honor, L.E. Modesitt, had to withdraw unexpectedly due to unavoidable personal circumstances, and they were hoping that I might be able to come in and help fill the sudden gap in their programming. I said yes.

I am unfortunately unable to attend the entire convention, but what I’m doing is a full block of programming from 1pm to 7pm on Saturday, August 27. Here’s what’s on my schedule:

1pm: Autographing/Meet the Authors

2pm: Panel: “Agents: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly”

3pm: Panel: “Secondary Characters: More Than Just Window Dressing”

4pm: Question & Answer

5pm: Meal break (I’ll probably be hanging around in hotel lobby and/or con suite, so say hi)

6pm: Reading (I’ll read from the upcoming 2012 novel, plus other things)

Basically, an entire con’s worth of programming in one six hour stretch. I would love to be able to stay longer, but my own personal circumstances don’t allow it. Still, within that six hour stretch there will be lots of opportunities to catch me doing my thing, either individually or with other (certain to be fabulous) panelists.

If you were already coming to Context this year, I hope you don’t mind the substitution. If you weren’t coming to Context this year, maybe this will help you to give this well-regarded con a chance. And no matter who you are, please think good thoughts for the L.E. Modesitt and his family.

See you in Columbus this Saturday!


14 Comments on “Last-Minute Appearance Notice: Saturday at Context 24 in Columbus”

  1. You’re a good guy to sub in on such short notice John. And to L.E.’S family, nothing but good thoughts.

  2. I’m so glad you are able to make it, even for a short time. Context is a small but very friendly, interesting con. I’m taking credit for suggesting you to the Context concom, when they asked “what do we do now?”

  3. Definitely thinking good thoughts for L.E. and his family, even though I have absolutely no idea what’s going on. Love his work and I’ve heard him a couple times on Writing Excuses. Seems like a decent fellow.

  4. To L.E.: my thoughts are with you and your family.
    To John: nice of you to fill in on short notice.
    To anyone thinking of going to see John: I’m probably preaching to the choir, given the forum, but I have to say, “Don’t think about it. Just go.” I got to see him at his last Seattle appearance and asked him a question about agents, so I can guarantee his appearance on the pnel about agents will be worth seeing. The reading from the upcoming novel is also a lot of fun, but it will make you wish it would be released sooner.

  5. Very sad to hear about L.E. Modesitt. My thoughts go out to him and his wife. I hope she recovers quickly.

    Thank you, John, for filling in on such short notice. Context is a very nice, laid back convention–one I try to make every year. Always fun.

  6. I absolutely agree with #7 Dave B. I saw John in Portland and it was well worth it. John, I would love to hear your panel on secondary characters as well. I am always impressed with the depth your secondary and even tertiary characters have with a minimum amount of words.

    #8 Jeremy You can always take the wedding party to the Con? :-)

  7. I don’t know the Con, but that’s a wicked schedule. Hope people appreciate it aplenty.

  8. It’ll be great seeing you this weekend, though of course, I wish it were due to better circumstances. I hope Ms. Modesitt’s illness isn’t too serious, and that she recovers quickly.

  9. OMG, 6 hours of programming in a row?! (Well, maybe 5.5; you have a meal break. ;-)

    You, sir, are a trooper! I hope you get a good night’s rest before…and after. That’s a long time to be “on.”

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