Tonight’s Sunset, Photographed by Athena

See. This is why I gave her my old dSLR.

23 Comments on “Tonight’s Sunset, Photographed by Athena”

  1. Such a talented daugher! Great picture. There is even a cloud bank on the horizon. Not seeing too many clouds (and no rain) out here in the desert southwest. Thanks for posting Athena’s picture.

    I am missing my regular fix of cat photos from the Scalzi household. You see, I am a cat person and my wife is a dog person. Guess what we have in the backyard. Righto, a dog.

  2. She has proven to be a strong creative writer, and she does good job of hamming it up for pictures, and now, she takes some pretty stunning photos. I guess, it is clear what amazing attribute she has taken from you. Really nice photo, Athena.

    And yes, I apparently put ‘hamming it up for pictures’ as an amazing attribute. What can I say, I appreciate photo lunacy.

  3. There’s an art to hamming it up for the camera, and she’s got it. Photographer’s eye probably comes with it, or aids it. Well done, young lady.

  4. What a gorgeous picture! I see the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


  5. Awesome shot. I just hope you realize how great sunsets/dawns are. I think you do. You’re Dad does. Most real native Cali’s get it. It’s like a free show that changes twice a day, every day. What could be better? Both of you almost make me want to see the sunset/dawn back there. Once my goose spots stop from seeing the sun up over the Sierra’s I might. And Sunset on the Pacific.

  6. Isn’t that the best reason to pass along old hardware to the younger set? (That, and the excuse to get new.) My niecelet is now showing herself to be a better photographer than I am – it’s so fun to watch. Well done, Athena.

  7. Great picture, thanks for sharing it, John. I, too, hope for a few dog or cat pictures from the newest photographer in the Scalzi family.

  8. Gorgeous! We had a great sunset here in mid-Michigan yesterday too, pink and gold and even a rainbow. Alas, I didn’t have my camera with me.

  9. Beautiful composition. I love the Sun’s rays. It’s so pretty it almost looks like an illustration in a children’s book . . . without beeing hokey.
    Good job Athena. Tell your dad to let you post more pictures, or better yet, get your own blog. And let us know where it is.

  10. Sunsets over mountains are always more spectacular than ones over the ocean.

  11. My daughter have been having a debate this week on sunrises vs. sunsets. We’ve been car-pooling, going to work heading toward a gorgeous sunrise. However, she is not a morning person, and thinks only sunsets are worth admiring. What is your take on this?

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