A Tale of Contrasts

This picture does in fact illustrate the difference in personality between these two animals. Photo once again by Athena.



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  1. Does that not illustrate the personality difference between most dogs and most cats? I think it does.

  2. The standard cliche is, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. John, I believe this picture beats that by far.

  3. “What?”


    “What’s wrong with you?”

    “I said, Nothing.

    “You know what you need? You need to roll in the grass. Watch!”


    “C’mon! Try it! You’ll love it. Here, I’ll show you again.”


    “Why won’t you try it?”

    “Excuse me? I think the more relevant question is, Why should I?”

    “Because it feels good! That’s why.”

    “Oh, I hardly think so.”

    “How do you know unless you try it?”

    “That you even ask that question shows that you know nothing.

    “Well I don’t care. I’m going to roll in the grass again!”

  4. You must be getting less rain than here in S.E. Michigan. Your grass looks grey, we’ve had to mow multiple times in the last few weeks.

    Or the picture is from earlier in the year during that heat wave.

  5. I personally would not roll on the ground, thus exposing my jugular, if a cat looked at me like that (even a small cat). I suspect that the cat is thinking “Food, food, food … why am I not a lion?”


  6. Looks like Daisy is trying to incriminate Lopsided Cat.

    “What are you doing?”

    “Can’t talk. You killed me. You’re really gonna get it when Master finds out.”

    “But you’re still breathing.”

    “No thanks to you, murderer. Can’t wait to see what Master does to you. I mean, if I was still alive to see.”

    “(Sigh) Not to be heartless, but if you’re dead can I have your tennis ball?”


  7. One of my cats actually enjoys rolling around in mud puddles. It’s unfortunate because he’s a beautiful, cream colored, long hair cat. However, you can almost never tell that because he’s covered in filth. The neighbors have nicknamed him trash cat… :(

  8. Lopsided Cat is looking at Athena. The gaze, to me, says “Now *this* is what I’ve been telling you about. I know, I can’t believe it either. Daisy is such a goof.”

    Also, great animal action shot, Athena.

  9. Gal @ 10

    One of my mother’s cats — a longhaired mostly-white cat — was the same way, except her passion was concrete. Which probably makes sense — it’s cool and has a texture she found suitable for scratching her back. But that cat really had problems caring for her coat (and hated everyone except Mom, so grooming her was awful).

  10. Great picture, Athena!

    #include "ObCaptions.h"
    Daisy prostrates herself to SN 2011 FE *

    unimpressed cat is not impressed

    (*) I’m guessing that the supernova would have been below the local horizon, so yeah, “prostrates” rather than “wriggles defenselessly on her back”.

  11. Shirt seen at con: I have CDO. It’s like OCD but the letters are alphabetically ordered AS THEY SHOULD BE.

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