Sunday Update

Because I know your weekend is incomplete without hearing from me. Yes it is.

* Yesterday I did my Context 24 flyby, in which I drove up to Columbus, did five programming events in six hours and then drove back. While I don’t recommend this as a frequent science fiction convention strategy, as a one-time I think it worked quite well, and I was happy with the day. I did an hour of autographing, for which I got to sit next Seanan McGuire, who was a convention Guest of Honor, and she and I chatted between her signing books (she had a rather longer line than I did). This was followed by two panels, one on agents (I am for them) and one on secondary characters (I am for them, too), both of which I thought went very well, thanks in great part to able moderating by Tim Waggoner and Linda Robertson, and good insights from my co-panelists.

Then a Q&A session, which was punctuated by the fantastic Seanan McGuire bringing me ice cream from Jeni’s, which I consumed as I spoke, and finally a reading, in which I read from the 2012 book and two other bits, and ended with me discussing (as I so often do) how awesome my wife is. Between the Q&A and the reading I had a bit of a breather in which I got to relax and chat with with Maurice Broaddus, Jason Sanford, John Hornor Jacobs and others.

And then, zoom, out of there, headed home, and when I got there I basically collapsed into sleep. Hey, I was entitled. It was a full day. Again, this is not a schedule I hope to replicate on a frequent basis. But I thought it worked pretty well for what was a very last-minute bit of showing up. And the nice thing is that even as a last minute substitute, the con-goers at Context made me feel welcome and that they were happy to see me. So thanks, Context folks. It was fun. The next time I come I’ll try to stay longer than just six hours.

* Today’s agenda: clean house. My wife is coming home after a week of being away visiting friends and in the interim the house has alas devolved to my personal state of entropy (which is, basically: Gaaaaaaaah! The filth!), so I have to induce order again before she gets home or I am a dead man. And then, my wife will be home after a week of being away, that week being a week after I was away for a week, which (if you can add) means that she and I will be seeing each other for the first time in two weeks. Which is my way of letting you know I won’t be here for the rest of the day. I don’t feel bad about this in the slightest.

* However, I will leave you with my favorite cover version of this song, as compensation, because it’s lovely.

See you on Monday.

11 Comments on “Sunday Update”

  1. You’re leaving us for the weekend without a thread on the hurricane? How will we know how to desalinate the seawater flooding?

  2. I agree, that’s a very nice cover! I think I’ll go buy it from my favorite online music retailer now.

  3. Jeni’s Ice Cream is worth a trip to Columbus all by itself (says the Michigan resident). And I love Petra Haden’s a cappella covers.

  4. It was grand seeing you at Context. I came home totally ready to get back to my writing schedule. It really helped that I got some excellent encouragement at my short story critique this afternoon.

    If anyone ever hesitates to attend Context, don’t. Tons of useful and helpful information and workshops. And the people are great. We had breakfast this morning with Seanan and actually introduced her to some more “Wicked Girl” authors. (ah the young people, she’d never heard of the Mitford Sisters)

  5. I only attended Context yesterday, and it was indeed great to have you there! Never shall I forget Exposition Lad! =)

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