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A Quick SFWA-Related Thing of Some Importance (to SFWA and SFWAns)

Look, SFWA Active and Lifetime Active members! It’s the ballot for the incorporation of the organization in California, which will allow for a raft of useful benefits to our organization, including tax-deductible donations to the organization and the ability to give grants through our emergency medical fund and legal fund, rather than loans. Mine came […]

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The Sort of Crap I Don’t Get

Over at Twitter, author Adrienne Martini asks me if I get the sort of jackassed comments and e-mails that Shawna James Ahern, a female food blogger, talks about in a recent post, and wonders if it’s a gender-related thing. The short answer: No I don’t get those, and yes, I think it’s substantially gender-related. The […]

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And Now, A Summer Wrap-Up

The great thing about culturally-induced ends to somewhat arbitrary periods of time is that they make handy places one to write assessment articles — which is to say I’ve written an end-of-summer wrapup of science fiction and fantasy films over at FilmCritic.com. If you all go and read it, my AMC corporate overlords will notice […]

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