A Quick SFWA-Related Thing of Some Importance (to SFWA and SFWAns)

Look, SFWA Active and Lifetime Active members! It’s the ballot for the incorporation of the organization in California, which will allow for a raft of useful benefits to our organization, including tax-deductible donations to the organization and the ability to give grants through our emergency medical fund and legal fund, rather than loans. Mine came in the mail yesterday, which means that yours is also probably in your mailbox or will be soon (if you are in the US) or going across borders to you (if you are international).

In order for the incorporation in California to pass we need 2/3 of all Active and Lifetime Active members to vote for it, so when you get this please vote. It’s important. We’ve made it easy here in the US by including a self-addressed stamped envelope with the packet, so all you have to do is vote, put the ballot in the envelope, and drop it into the mail. Do take the time; it’ll be worth it for our organization and its ability to serve you and your fellow SFWAns.

If for some reason you have a problem with your ballot, or need a new ballot, or otherwise have questions about the ballot, please let us know at “office@sfwa.org”. We’ll be happy to address your needs, including getting you a new ballot.

Thanks, and again: Please vote.

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