An Inanely Catchy Song I Am Now Cursing You With

It’s the 21st Century equivalent of “No Rain.” And yet… catchy.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

26 Comments on “An Inanely Catchy Song I Am Now Cursing You With”

  1. Oh JUDAS PRIEST! 7 seconds of that was all I could take before I dislocated my wrist trying to get the mouse to the pause button. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. *

    *or something like that.

  2. Not my taste, but not causing me to bleed spontaneously from my ears either.
    I liked “No Rain” more…especially the little girl in the bee suit in the video!

  3. I am staking out a contrarian stance – this song starts out terrible and becomes much, much better. It’s a rare thing.

    I heard this song a month or so ago on XM AltNation and HATED it at first, but by the 2nd or 3rd time through I realized that I actually really dig it.

  4. I’ve always found the Brady Bunch theme song to be a good earworm. It’s just inane enough to grab your mind really well.

  5. Link didn’t work so I went to youtube and made it through about 8 seconds.

    John, are you planning a sequel for ‘Hate Mail’ and trolling for new material? Because I’m darn near ready to contribute….

  6. I have to agree with the Modest Mouse comparison.

    (Maybe if it had a girl in a bee suit I’d like it more…?)

  7. I’m going to listen again in a while, because sometimes really catchy songs take time to grow on me. My ears agree with the Modest Mouse comparisons.

  8. At the risk of joining an echo chamber, I’m hearing a *huge* Modest Mouse sound/influence as well. Just not quite there.

    Also, is it just me or do some Modest Mouse songs sound like Brak fronting for the Pixies? (not a bad thing)

    … I guess it’s just me then

  9. Yeah, I too am finding a bit of a poor man’s “Float On” thing going there. Yes, it’s catchy, but if I want “Float On,” I’ll just do go listen to that. In fact, I believe I’ll go download the single from Amazon now. Still, always glad to see music pointers from you.

  10. I can totally hear the Modest Mouse thing musically. I was keying into the inanity, which is where the “No Rain” comparison comes in. Also, you know. THAT VOICE.

  11. I love NO RAIN and I am not ashamed. Nay, I am proud. The bee-suit only increases my love. The bee-suit was brilliant.

  12. My question Sir Scalzi, Emperor of this domain, is just where in bloopity bloop hades I get just compensation for my dislocated wrist? hmmm??

  13. BWAHAHAHA! Your feeble musical curses have no effect on ME, Scalzi! For behold my superpower: DEAFNESS!


    Better luck next time.

  14. Deafness? Curse you! While my hearing is a bit shot after 2+ decades of really loud machinery, it is still too weak to be assaulted by such inanity. I’m a heavy metal maniac and this pop-tart fruit roll “music” is just weak sauce. Again Lord Scalzi of Whatever, where do I sign up for Surfer’s Comp?

  15. At work we play a game called ‘death by earworm.’ This wouldn’t faze anybody there.

    As an older person who survived Tommy Roe (‘Sweet Pea’) and The 1910 Fruitgum Company (‘Yummy Yummy…’) and even Bobby Goldsboro doing ‘Honey’, musical curses don’t impress me much.

    But the intent behind the curse speaks darkly about the wretched state of your soul. You abuse the weak. It’s pathetic.

  16. Honestly, it ain’t so bad. I wouldn’t pay to download it or anything, but I wouldn’t change stations if it were to play on the radio.

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