A Fun Literary-Related Post for Your Friday Afternoon

At the Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Cincinnati, Dave Powell frequently does awesome chalk artwork to promote the authors who come by to talk and sign their books. He’s put some of these chalk lit artworks up on the Web, and you can find them here. I think they’re pretty damn cool, myself. Also in the picture set: stills from Ernie Cline’s visit this week, including Ernie and a person you may know modeling Ghostbuster apparatus in front of Ernie’s Delorean. You don’t want to be of the missing of that.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Sorry I had to miss that, I had another commitment Wednesday night. I am reading Ready Player One on my Nook, and am liking it enough that I bought the hardcover as a bit of early Christmas shopping.

I recently finished Fuzzy Nation, and I must say that it was one of the must fun books I have read. A great story, wonderful characters, and the always surprising ending from Scalzi. I just wanted to post that this was a great read, and in the unlikely event someone reading this Blog hasn’t read it, they should.


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