Lopsided Cat Welcomes You to the Rest Of September

“Hope you enjoyed that extra day off. Now get back to work.”

Strong words from a large cat.

19 Comments on “Lopsided Cat Welcomes You to the Rest Of September”

  1. I don’t know, what I hear is “Can’t I have a moment of privacy to myself!” Great shot

  2. Strong words, but wise. Those chipmunks aren’t gonna kill themselves. Some of the squirrels do, but not the chipmunks.

  3. O Great Scalzi, what an excellent picture of Mighty Lopsided Cat.

    However, our highly tuned critical analytical faculties can detect just a touch of Photoshoppery, which we have forbidden you to do in the strongest possible terms.

    Or is this a case of a poor quality camera unable to handle the Glorious Perfect Radiance from Magnificent She Illuminating Her Faithful Minion?

    Regardless, you need to fix this error. Now. And to atone for your (all too frequent) failure you must post a proper picture of the Beauteous Ghlaghghee. Also now.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  4. Funny thing, my cat said the exact same thing this morning. Though, right after he also said, ‘Not before you feed me, of course.’ My dog on the other tried to explain why walks and pets all day is a better way to pay the bills — his argument wasn’t strong but still appealing.

    But today is a good day to actually do work because it is the start of school for around here. The streets are rather absent of loud child screaming and my lovely wife has resumed her role as teacher. I really don’t have an excuse for not getting lots of copy written and transformed into mortgage and bill payments.

  5. Actually, for me today is the start of vacation. Marcia and I are off to NYC tomorrow, then to Ireland on Friday (the Dingle Peninsula), and coming back on the 25th.

    No, we’re not Irish; why do you ask?

  6. Are your sure Lopsided Cat isn’t doing her best ferret impression here? So unusual to see a cat doubled up like that.

  7. That looks like a cat with a serious case of “Oh shit you caught me Why yes I meant to do that. What are you looking at?”

  8. In my family the standard comment by the first human to notice is, “Betcha can’t do what the cat’s doing.”

  9. It’s more of a “I’m trying to BATHE here! Some privacy plz!” kinda look….my cat does that also when he walks into the living room when everyone’s there…

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