In Case Some Of You Missed the Fact That Jonathan Coulton Has a New Album Out

He does. And it’s pretty darn fine. You should consider the purchasination of this object.

And look, a video!

Clearly a musical day here at Whatever.

15 Comments on “In Case Some Of You Missed the Fact That Jonathan Coulton Has a New Album Out”

  1. Nice song.
    I’m pretty sure that Tucson doesn’t have any beaches, though. I’m pretty sure I would’ve noticed them in the 30 years that I lived there. Maybe they’re new. : )

  2. PS: The rest of the CD is great as well… I love “The Stache” and “Je Suis Rick Springfield”.

  3. Yay! All of my favorite cities are finally getting songs. I will have to purchasinate.
    @jimbob, it was the grassy lawn that gave it away for me. We actually do have beaches here. We just hide them. Underground. With bats.

  4. My favorites are Dissolve, Want You Gone and the title track, although the entire album is excellent. *AND* my son and I have tickets for this Saturday’s show in NH where he is opening for TMBG (mua ha ha ha ha!).

    Here’s a video I took of JoCo playing Dissolve from one of the first band shows (Somerville, MA): It’s just a great song, although the lyrics have changed between this performance and the album…

  5. I couldn’t find it at my local Musicland, nor Wherehouse or Licorice Pizza. Not even in the bins at the big Tower Records on Sunset, where Slash will mumble at you from behind the cash register. Fortunately, I figured out how to make my computer buy it and I have been enjoying it. Current favorite is “Down Today.”

  6. I tried to “consider the purchasination of this object” on the day it went on sale but we broke the internets. The site server crashed. Actually kinda awesome if you think about it. I have since purchased the heck out of it. It is a wonderful album. Can we still call them albums. Whatever.

  7. I was lucky enough to see JoCo, Paul and Storm, and Molly Lewis (separately and together) at DragonCon this past weekend. They are all amazing and engaging performers. However, the highlight might’ve been someone in the audience yelling out, “Jonathan Coulton’s beard is my ZZ Top cover band!” Jonathan, Paul, and Storm all lost it.

  8. “Clearly a musical day here at Whatever.”

    Eh, whatever…that’s what I’m here for.

  9. Yay – purchasinated.
    I am slowly (as my budget permits) buying all older JoCo CDs after getting the “JoCo looks back” :)

  10. It wasn’t until I read the title of song on the youtube header – Good morning Tuscon – that I realized he wasn’t saying “Good Morning to Sun.” And now that I re-read what I have just now wrote here, I realize he was, in fact, saying both. Man I’m confused.

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