This is What a Nice Guy I Am

I was going to mention the fact that I printed up some personal galleys of Redshirts, to give to my wife and in-laws and maybe might have an extra copy that I will at some point in the reasonably near future auction off for charity, although not yet because I have to figure out which charity. But then I thought, that would just be mean, to mention that other people are enjoying that book right now and not you guys. And I don’t want to be mean. So I decided not to mention it at all.

I think that was the right thing to do, don’t you?

Man, it feels good to be virtuous.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Read Hex yet ?

btw. you’re the reason why I started reading Allan Steele in the first place, can’t remember which book of his you recommended, but it got me started;-)

I’m torn between

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.


“this is obviously some strange usage of the word virtuous that I wasn’t previously aware of.


“Damm you, Damm you to hell….”

#12 – I’m not Mr. Scalzi, but since Irene who discusses covers at #2 appears to be from TOR, my suspicion is that it is being published by TOR. Just a suspicion, though.

John, I will be releasing a horse on your property tonight and throwing a bag of carrots and apples underneath your window. It’s a Big animal and couldn’t fit in my apartment anymore, and they Need lots of room to run on.
See, some of us out here can be virtuous, too.
sincerely yours,
Cowboy Tim

Disclaimer: aforementioned horse MAY be fictional, releasing horses onto other peoples’ property is probably against the law, and should not be done, even if young ladies wish it were a frequent occurence.

Yeah, you’re a real stand up guy. I hope when I (cross fingers) have an eagerly anticipated novel, that I am just as good about announcing my non announcement of a charity auction for my book.

Though I’d probably be too busy running down the streets squealing about someone actually publishing my book.

Easily one of the most virtuous example of apophasis I have ever encountered :-)

Ron Mitchell @ 23: Ditto. And PTerry will be in Seattle, doing a reading/talk, on Oct. 11th, so there’s my nearly-nonexistent book budget for the next couple of months, completely blown.

Sean Eric Fagan @ 26: I know. I want to see those two in a joint appearance. *grin*

(Seriously though, thanks, John; I didn’t know about the Hobb/Lindholm book until I saw the spine in that photo, so there’s something to pester my library to order.)

You? Evil? Naaaaah… After all you weren’t evil enough to share the beginning of the book with hundreds if not thousands of people already. Next you’ll be doing something absurd like taping bacon to a house pet or something.

Wow, The Other Keith, usually I have to know someone a little longer before wanting to kill them. Redshirts is only the next AMAZEBALLS Scalzi novel, that’s what! GET WITH THE PROGRAM!

And I’m only kidding about wanting to kill you.

Only just got round to reading comments. @#10 – recommendation for Allen Steele.
It only just struck me (I’m slowww) that, unlike almost all aother professionals, you author-type guys really aren’t in competition with each other. Because it takes say 50 times as long to write a book as read it. So as long as you don’t recommend more than 49 other authors whose work I end up liking better than yours, I’m still gonna buy your next book…

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