Sunset, 9/11/11

All in all, it’s been a pretty good day.

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  1. I don’t know whether to congratulate myself on my decade-long quest to develop nerves of steel when I see images of 9/11, or to berate myself for becoming so jaded. The images of the towers coming down still bring tears to my eyes, so now I just wimp out and don’t look. I’ve been watching 9/11 stuff all day while hubby’s been watching football. I still wish I’d had the emotional/financial wherewithal to travel to Ground Zero in the days following the attacks. One of the things I keep beating myself up for is that I still feel like I could have done more. Which, given my situation at the time, probably isn’t true, but if watching footage from half a country away still makes me want to curl up in a ball someplace, throwing a pity party for myself in the comfort of my own home seems like a piss-poor way to commemorate the decade since the attacks.

    I hope the survivors have managed to find a measure of peace since their loved ones lost their lives that terrible day.

    Thanks again to the powers that be on the state/federal level, who ensured a nation’s safety after suffering such a devastating loss in their own backyard. I know saying it once a year will never be enough, but hey, it’s a start.

    I’mma go wipe my eyes now.

  2. Damn, John – your sunset photographs make me want to move to Ohio, just so I could enjoy the light show every night. :)

  3. Orange and Blue. That picture would get an A+ from anyone in marketing, you should use it for the cover of a book one day.

  4. Just how rural is your neck of the woods. It looks scarcely populated. Reason I ask is, I’m originally from NYC and the wife moved us back to her home town of Cleveland (suburbs), I’m used to having millions of people surrounding me at all times (to which I find comforting, some might say its more lonely but not me).

    Anyway, I’m freaked out at night, and sometimes during the day on how quiet and lonely the streets are. Feels lime im in some zombie movie where the person wakes up to find everything devoid of life right before there is a silent thud on the door and the zombies start pouring out screaming brains. I’m not even in that rural (Solon, OH) of an area, you look like your one doorstep away from Amish country (but looks can be deceiving).

  5. Lovely sunset, John.
    Here in Tokyo, the sky is light blue and there are a few fluffy clouds scattered about. Bloody hot though — 32°C and climbing (it’s 12 noon).
    So folks, how are things where you are? (The weather is always a safe topic, right?)

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