“Questions for a Soldier” in Subterranean Magazine #8

For a number of years now, the only way you could get “Questions for a Soldier,” the first short story I wrote set in the Old Man’s War universe — and which features John Perry making an early appearance on the colony of Huckleberry — was to get the increasingly rare chapbook version, which is these days selling for something in the $150 range (there’s a reason one copy is part of the Redshirts auction I’m running at the moment). But soon there will be a more affordable option: the final print edition of Subterranean Magazine is at press and will feature the story, along with stories by Michael Marshall Smith, Tim Lebbon, Sarah Monette and others. All for $6! What a steal.

(Although for collectors, there will also be a special $80 limited hardcover edition of the magazine, which will be signed by me and other authors. I have the signature sheets in my house right now.)

Subterranean Press says: “We’re not seriously overprinting this issue, which will not be available in bookstores, so please feel free to order and guarantee you snag a copy.” Translation: Get on it.