“Questions for a Soldier” in Subterranean Magazine #8

For a number of years now, the only way you could get “Questions for a Soldier,” the first short story I wrote set in the Old Man’s War universe — and which features John Perry making an early appearance on the colony of Huckleberry — was to get the increasingly rare chapbook version, which is these days selling for something in the $150 range (there’s a reason one copy is part of the Redshirts auction I’m running at the moment). But soon there will be a more affordable option: the final print edition of Subterranean Magazine is at press and will feature the story, along with stories by Michael Marshall Smith, Tim Lebbon, Sarah Monette and others. All for $6! What a steal.

(Although for collectors, there will also be a special $80 limited hardcover edition of the magazine, which will be signed by me and other authors. I have the signature sheets in my house right now.)

Subterranean Press says: “We’re not seriously overprinting this issue, which will not be available in bookstores, so please feel free to order and guarantee you snag a copy.” Translation: Get on it.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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I ordered this 4 years ago and was seriously thinking about emailing SubPress and asking them to issue a credit–I had wanted your story and the MM Smith one but had about given up. So glad I held off just a little longer. Probably the longest pre-order wait in history or something.

You must have enough short stories kicking around to publish a collection. I mean, it’s been months since I bought Fuzzy Nation, and I have a Scalzi-shaped hole on my shelves.

Done. I got the same errors, but it seems to have worked for me as well. Thanks for the heads up, John!

I ordered mine over two years ago, I used to check in with them every six months or so to check on the status, but recently stopped. If I had know all I had to do was stop asking and it would get printed I would’ve done that two years ago.

Just pre-ordered. For $6, I’m quite happy to have a “reading copy” or QfaS, along with a bunch of stories by others. (I bought the original QfaS chapbook back in 2006.)

QfaS chapbook is going for $150? Sweet. These SubPress books of yours (QfaS, Coffee Shop, AttS, etc.) are turning out be a great investment! :-)

Catching up on blog reading; sorry for the late comment.

Wow, I’m another old order. Ordered March 2008, e-mailed 18 months later (response said coming by end of 2009, all ready except dropping ads, etc.), and finally realized in 2010 that I’d never pre-order from SubPress again. I thought it was $6 down the drain. So forgive me if I say I’ll believe it when I see it. ;-) It’s difficult to ditch the bad impression, but I never actually wrote of SubPress completely (just never preordered from them again); I mean, they publish some groovy things.

Anyway, I’m very happy it’s finally coming out! And happy for you and the other authors; I imagine it was frustrating for y’all, too.

(Hmm, this is probably the time to e-mail them and make sure they have my 3.5-year-old order….)

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