A Whole Lot of Sky

You guys usually see this view when it has a sunset in it. But today I thought showing off the wide variety of clouds in the sky. I count at least four different types. How many can you find? Yes! It’s a test!

23 Comments on “A Whole Lot of Sky”

  1. thin wispy ones, a mackerel scale cloud on the edge, little fluffy sheep ones, and aeroplane contrails?

  2. Well, I dunno how technical aeroplane contrail is as a term, but the rest are all the full technical whasisname from where I grew up. :o)

  3. I’m sure there are nebulas and molecular clouds in this view too. They’re just hard to see with the available equipment.

  4. I see a bunny, a duck, angel hair, and a dude eating a hamburger. I don’t know the Latin name for those, though.

  5. Cumulus humilis, altostratus, and the contrails, naturally. I’m still going through my cloudspotter’s guide.

  6. I know cirrus and cumulus for sure, and would guess startus and alto-startus as well. Unless contrails are now their own cloud type now. (Been a long time since ground school :-)

  7. One with a Close Encounters ship in it, one with an Independence Day ship in it, one with Bespin above it…

  8. Brian C @15 Since we’re talking about sky… Is that a J-5 in your profile pic? I’m sure it’s in John’s pic just off the horizen so it’s a totally on-topic question…