The Voice of a Generation, With a Trenchant Plea We All Need to Hear

The irony is that it is likely to be forwarded to everyone by everyone, thus becoming the very thing it laments. Welcome to the Internet!

35 Comments on “The Voice of a Generation, With a Trenchant Plea We All Need to Hear”

  1. Heard the song already…it’s supposed to parody Jim Steinman’s ‘method’ of producing.

    Ex.Meat Loaf, Bonnie Tyler..

  2. Sadly, the persons I most want to forward the song to STILL wouldn’t get it. However, I have managed to convince most of my extended family to leave me off their lists, mostly by repeatedly directing them to (And yes, I cheered at that point in the song.)

  3. I want this forwarded everywhere because there are people in my life who I can’t send the sentiment to without offending.

  4. I have only one person left in my circles who’s still forwards crap to me but unfortunately it is my boss, and I think she thinks she’s doing me a favor by making me “aware” of the scams and stuff since she knows I have a heavy internet investment (shopping, surfing etc).

    and yes,I am sharing this song with people I know, just like YOU shared it with us. :)

  5. My tiny, beloved, precious Q-Tip headed grandmother sends me between six and twelve forwards a day, every day without fail. She randomly inserts the line “reply if you love the person who sent this” every one-hundred or so emails… and occasionally quizzes me on the email contents when I talk to her on the phone.

    In her defense, she’s 83.

  6. @BC Woods If my 83 year old grandma was still around AND using the internet I would treasure every thing she sent me. I would even take time to reply with personal notes about the forwards forcing a conversation to happen.

  7. @Rick

    Ha! I try to engage her in actual email conversation all the time, but she refuses to give in. She’s out for nothing more than my total destruction!

  8. Add to the irony the fact that you thoughtfully provide several little buttons below the post to facilitate the spread of Weird Al’s message (FB, twitter, email, +1, etc.). ;-)

  9. Awesome. Now he just needs to make a song about annoying facebook status updates and my life will be complete.

  10. When Weird Al wrote “Don’t Download this Song” he expected everyone to download it. He expects us to forward this video to everyone. Why disappoint him?

  11. That is Fantastic! I’ve now got a tool in my kit to reply obnoxiously to others that bruise my karma! ;) I’ve posted it on most of the boating sites in my area already (heheheheheh!) Thanks!

  12. I took a few days off from the internets. Just went on walks when I got bored in the woods near my house. When I finally turned the machine back on I found that I had over 500 emails to sort through, most being from the exact same person. A person who’s in an Google group who seems to be a obsessive compulsive forwarder in that he has to forward everyone he knows anything he finds even slightly interesting.

  13. Every five seconds an e-mail gets forwarded. These e-mails are causing children in Africa to go hungry. Please save the people of Africa. If you agree, copy and paste this into your status.

  14. I immediately did NOT fwd this to twenty of my best friends. They would only use it at an excuse to flood my mailbox anew.

  15. I still don’t get why he is called Weird, he is far more normal than I am. For a genius he is remarkably sane.

    I cheered at the Bcc reference, having recently received an email with 299 other recipients listed, from work. So many annoying help pop-ups but not one that says “Are you sure you don’t want to Bcc this list?”

  16. Clear2grey@1: Holy crap, you’re right. That is totally a Jim Steinman parody. The only difference is Weird Al has a kind of thin voice.

    I need to go listen to my Streets of Fire soundtrack now.

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