Kristine Blauser Scalzi, 9/18/11

Because any day is a fine day to take a picture of my wife.

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  1. I have to be honest, when I saw just the subject line in email I thought this was a far more somber type of announcement…

  2. @ Jeff L – yeah, that’s what I thought, too. Gorgeous hair (along with a gorgeous gal).

    I cut mine long ago, and keep saying I’m gonna grow it out, but never do. My resolve has been renewed! :)

  3. Me too. Post titles that are simply the full name of a person are usually death announcements. This one also had today’s date on it, which doesn’t fit the pattern, but I had a second or two of horror before I realized it was just a picture of your lovely wife, and not a sad announcement of her demise.

    May there be pictures of this wonderful woman in their thousands and their ten thousands, before ever such an announcement be made by anyone!

  4. #s 3, 7 and 8 should try to think happier thoughts–I was actually thinking it might be a birth announcement of some sort, because death announcements usually list both DOB and DOD. I wondered briefly if you and Krissy had an unexpected surprise you hadn’t mentioned before, or if (god forbid) Athena had surprised the two of you.

    As always, a very beautiful lady. I’m thinking very tall as well–the cabinets are in pretty sharp focus so she’s probably not standing that far away from them, and I can tell you right now that “space saver” microwaves are the bane of my existence because I’m barely tall enough to reach the door. Even accounting for distance, it looks like your wife’s head is easily on a level for her to to not only reach the door, but be able to check on things while they cook (lucky woman!).

  5. Hmm…John is flattering his wife, clearly he must have either set a cat on fire by accident or signed them both up for the CDF.

  6. “Because any day is a fine day to take a picture of my wife.”

    In your opinion, perhaps. Try catching her as she’s coming out of the shower and ask her how she feels about it just then.

    But when she’s on board with it, I agree it’s a wonderful thing.

  7. the backdrop is a bit cluttery, if thats a word.

    if you put your camera in portrait mode it should open the aperature as far as it can. this will cause things farther away in the background to go a bit fuzzy, which then draws attention away from the six jars of spice on the stove and the two outlets on the wall, and pushes the attention visually towards your wife.

    theres a bit of fuzziness going on, but the walls may be too close for a standard issue kit lense to do much. kit lens usually has a moderate amount of zoom capability (18-55 or something) but the aprrature can only open up to f4 or f5 or so.

    if you pick up a ‘portrait lens’, usually a fixed 50mm lens, it can open up the aperature to somehing like f1.2, which then would make the walls a lot fuzzier. they sometimes refer to that lense as a ‘nifty fifty’.

    havent bought one for my camera yet. maybe santa will bring me one.

  8. I see the Love in her eyes for you……and she has a BEAUTIFUL smile and ageless skin. Krissy may you always be as beautiful as your are in this Picture.

  9. I, too, mistook the title for an instant, and put it down to having just come from a funeral. I’m glad to know I was wrong, and that I’m not the only one.

    She’s beautiful. You need to shoot with the lens more open on portraits; set the iris at one stop from fully open, let the camera pick a shutter speed..

  10. John, so now if your blog is down…(I’m laughing at my own alarmist tendencies here, just to be clear).

  11. weird. The standard obituary format is something like

    Jane Doe dd/mm/yyyy-dd/mm/yyyy

    but typical birth announcements are

    Jane Alice Doe mm/dd/yyyy

    so my initial reaction was … “rrrrRRRRR????” a la scooby do.

    then I quickly thought better just click and find out whats going on.

  12. Lovely hair. I like the way the silver is adding to the sense of movement in the front. and I do like the way her eyes sparkle at you, lucky guy.

  13. John, if ever anyone asks you how you are doing, on the basis of your wife’s photo alone, you had better answer (as Dave Ramsey phrases it), “Better than I deserve.”

    ‘Nuff said.

  14. A fine woman, there, and a good man to appreciate it.

    I wish my wife was OK with me posting pictures of her on the net. I’m not exactly sure why she’s opposed, she has not an insecure bone in her body and she’s a gorgeous woman, but it’s apparently a Japanese cultural thing against strangers seeing your face. An interesting side effect of this, when people on the news are interviewed and don’t want their faces shown (a very common thing), the camera is always placed at chest level…for women and men. So busts=ok, but faces=No Go.

  15. That is a great picture! I always enjoy the pictures you post. I wish I could get my pictures to be as half as crisp as yours!

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