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Folks: I’m trying out a new comment system associated with WordPress called IntenseDebate, which should offer (me at least) a little more functionality as regarding handling comments here. What this means is that over the next little while you may see some cosmetic and functionality changes with comments. It shouldn’t hamper your ability to comment, however. And if it does (or if I just don’t like the new functionality), I’ll swap things back to how they were previously. In any event, don’t be alarmed if there are changes here and there. That is all.

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  1. I’m terrified.

  2. Hmm. Doesn’t look different yet. But I’m prepared to panic when it does.

    *practices chant: “When in danger, fear, or doubt, run in circles, scream and shout! Eek! Eek! Eek!”*

  3. IntenseDebate has regularly and constantly failed to get openID to work with google profiles for sites that require a login. As of a month ago, they have no timeline for fixing this. It’s pretty disappointing.

  4. @ #1 John. I think your new mediation queue is busted. It let you get away with all caps…or is that the “little more functionality” you were talking about.

  5. I just wanted to make sure that my funny little green patern icon is still the same. Because if it is not that would really RUIN my day.

  6. “DON’T PANIC” – hmmm. I could have sworn I read that on a book somewhere. Maybe it was a guide or something. It will come to me I know it….

  7. So far, It doesn’t seem to provide preview. OpenID seems more broken than working, and for some reason I don’t think that’s OpenID’s fault.

  8. It doesn’t look any different to me, yet. Another blog I used to read regularly started using Intense Debate. Note that “used to.” Intense Debate made it such a hassle to comment there, I stopped trying. Eventually, I just stopped reading. There was content I found interesting, but the virtual inability to interact killed the experience for me. I hope your experience is better here.

  9. D. Paul Angel – I am in my 40’s (the new "20" they say!), am originally from California, and now live in Portland, OR, but would eventually like to "retire" to Hawaii. I am, most definitely, a “Nerd’s Nerd.” I can recite huge tracts of Monty Python, can force Star Wars quotes into nearly any conversation, find serenity amongst fireflies, enjoy hitchhiking to the beach with my towel in hand (remember the Hawaii bit), have found precious little to dislike about Tolkien, and find any argument favoring Picard over Kirk to be both fascinating and most illogical. My foundation in Science Fiction began with Asimov, but Heinlein’s wit brought it to the front of my conscious. Although I am still recovering from the amount of time spent wheeling through Jordan and Sanderson’s epic, I have found long series, such as Scalzi’s, no longer make me feel like an old man (The new 20, right!?). I've always had a love of comics, particularly the far side of Bloom County where Calvin lived, often casting pearls before swine whilst doing the foxtrot over the hedge. Even though I already have 2 puppy-dogs I love, Zack and Satia, I can’t help but think how awesome having a magical creature would be; even if I do worry that caring for it would leave me feeling hagrid. I am more comfortable tweeting than facebooking, and I'm not athletic enough to be a tumblr. I'm also an airplane nerd and a licensed, albeit non-current, pilot. I've travelled enough to know I want to travel more, I've read, cover to cover, The Bible, Koran, Book of Mormon, Science and Health, and a smattering of Eastern philosophies, and I was one of the early board members of Cerimon House. I can bake bread from scratch, grill, and cook; and I've failed, miserably, in learning at least 4 different programming languages. I write, commit photography, and am learning the ins and out of drawing and illustration. I have long straddled that shady realm between the wholly physical and utterly imaginative, and I'm working towards taking up residence in the latter. I'm an expert in all forms of philosophocating, but find it is best done with open eyes, compassion, and humor; preferably with pleasant company, snacks, and an ample supply of delicious beverages. I have also been known to make the occasional pun.
    D. Paul Angel

    Commenting about the comments on commenting? I feel so meta…

  10. I am not a fan of the word Intense. It denotes an urgency I don’t need in a comment system. I think they should change it to master which would imply release and relaxation.

  11. Leslie – Muncie, Indiana – 64 year old grandmother of five, recently remarried! I was born in Alaska before Alaska was a state.

    We’ll get over it.

  12. Ugh, I had *very* bad experiences with Intense Debate.

    “All my comments even on my own webpage are eaten by the spam filter” kind of problems. IF said comment got posted. Because intense debate developed a bad habit of just pretending to post on the ajax side, but never sending any comment to the server.

    But considering how very reliant on java/javascript/ajax whatever it was, it wouldn’t work in half of the browsers eitherway.

    Well, actually I STILL have problems with intense debate. Still can’t comment at all over at mark reads.

    Good luck, you’ll need it. Hope I’ll be still able to comment after the switch. :/ Hope nobody else gets caught in intense debates “vanish your comment” habits.

  13. What happened to the numbering?

    On long comment threads, with individual-multiple posts, it becomes more difficult to reference an earlier comment.

    Just sayin’…


  14. John@7:16am:

    I see what you did there.

    Just the same, any chance of a button to auto-generate a quotation from another post? Or would the automatic inclusion if the entirety of another commenter’s post in any reply be too cluttersome for you.

    In other news, Look! I made up a word!

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