One Additional Library Thought

I’ve had a couple of people e-mail me to say that although the Redshirts library auction is over, they’re still interested in donating a little money to my library, and wanted to know how to do it. The answer is just to write a check to “Bradford Public Library” and send it to the address here.

However, if you’re feeling in the mood to donate to a library, may I suggest that you donate to your local public library? Trust me when I say that libraries all across this land of ours would be positively delighted to get a donation. They will almost certainly be able to use it, almost immediately. And while I’m sure the librarians in Bradford would be happy to see additional funds, they would also almost certainly agree that you helping the library that helps your community would be a fine and laudable thing. So give it some thought. Thanks.

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  1. Due to John’s comments about this a year or two ago, my local public library gets a check from me every month. (Let’s hear it for online bill pay.)

    I honestly don’t know how much good it does them (it’s only a few hundred dollars a year), but they have indicated appreciation. And then I occasionally get invited to events.

    Charity: doing good and getting an ego-boost. What’s not to like?

  2. I second @Shayera. And hey, John, if this writing thing ever gets boring, you have a promising career ahead of you as a library fundraiser. :-)

  3. crapola
    My local library is the main branch of chicago public library. I am not giving THEM money.
    So how do I find the poorest ibrary in the city?
    hmmmmmmm Some kind of poverty level by zipcode. Now if there were only some kind of search tool that I could use to find that.

  4. These people may indeed be interesting, but I believe that you meant to say:

    “…they’re still interested in donating a little money to my library…” (emphasis added)


  5. As a Trustee of the Public Library of Brookline (which has nine of your books in our collection, some in multiple versions), let me say thank you.

    Let me also add that rather than just writing a check to your local library, first contact them to see where to direct the check. Many libraries have affiliated “Friends” groups or something similar who work to raise money every year, and they would be the ones to receive your check. You might also get a benefit; we give donor a nice tote bag with the library’s logo on it.

    Also, consider leaving your local library a bequest in your will.

  6. I haven’t actually donated any cash per se to my local library – it is funded by the City, not the Province, and receives decent support thanks to the attitude of the local council. However I do regularly donate both books and my time to the annual book drive. Hopefully this will do some small thing to improve my library karma… That and paying those pesky late charges…

  7. To all of you who have donated money, materials, or time to public libraries (including USING them): THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Remember to keep checking out science fiction from libraries; that way librarians will know to keep buying it. –from Prince George’s County, Maryland

  8. Your University/college library could use a few bucks too if you’ve got them burning a hole in your pocket. Things are tough all over. Don’t think tuition begins to cover even the necessities, still yet the things that would be “nice” to have.

    We have a fund raiser (a film series) every year. It makes a few thousand dollars and it makes a huge difference in what we can do for our students… we use the money to buy frivolous things like all the Hugo winners and other popular fiction. We also get a few classic DVDs and Audio Books with the money. That sort of thing.

  9. (including USING them)

    Mona @#10: Oh, pre-emptive snap! One of the most common arguments for de-funding public libraries is “why shouldn’t elitists be buying their own books instead of bumming off ordinary, hard-working taxpayers”. That becomes slightly easier to fight against when librarians can demonstrate that libraries are more than flop houses for bums.

  10. I <3 libraries. And the best libraries are the ones close to me. And if you don't have $ to give, donate your time.

  11. Another librarian here… if you have a local Friends group, they can use your hands and strong backs, as well as your donations. They get to sort through everything that gets donated, including books that shouldn’t have been (honestly, if it’s shedding pages like a autumn maple, or has been peed on by a cat, would YOU want it?) Then they put the useful things up for sale, and use the proceeds to support your local libraries. The Friends of the Libraries groups rock.

  12. Another public librarian who thanks you!
    And just in case anyone is doubting what #17TheMadLibrarian said, cat pee is not, by far, the worst thing we get in or on donations.

  13. I always donate to my local public library and to my university libraries (at one of which I had the pleasure of working!) – but I wanted to give a little extra to this one, too, because I appreciated your working so hard on its behalf (and I had a little extra to give this year). Thanks for posting the info!