It’s My Sister’s Birthday

She’s the one in the pigtails here, to be clear. A happy 44th to her — she’s spending it in Austin, Texas, actually, which is not a bad place to be on one’s birthday.

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  1. Happy birthday, John’s sister! Austin is happy to host her on this auspicious anniversary.

  2. It’s been hot as hell all summer, but today’s only supposed to be 95 or so. Compared to 4 months of 104+ this is downright balmy. Still a horrible drought, though. Can’t have everything.

  3. “For those who understand, no explanation is necessary. For those who don’t, no explanation is possible.”

    Sounds like religion….

  4. It may actually rain in Austin this afternoon – hopefully she won’t be freaked out by all the locals screaming for joy

  5. eh, it’s actually the definition of a Mystery (in the religious sense). Not every religion has them, but you can’t explain Mysteries in words; they have to be experienced. One metaphor I use in teaching them is that explaining to a candle how to burn has no effect; it can’t light until another flame touches it.

  6. What Dwight said.

    Austin is to Texas as Boulder is to Colorado. I hope every state has an enclave like that.

  7. If I had a photograph of my sister at that age, I would keep
    it to myself as a useful source of blackmail. OTOH, knowing
    her, she’d just kill me and take it.

    Just warning you to beware of suspicious and heavily-moustached
    strangers …

    However, the birthday is a nice idea – I haven’t had one of those
    for some years now.


  8. Happy Birthday John’sSister! My sister’s birthday was Sept 21st, & she is now 49. (and not enjoying being almost 50)

  9. Two questions:

    1) How often did she beat you up?
    2) Why does your expression look like you want to kill the cameraperson?

  10. What happened to you before that picture, Scalzi? Kids that young usually don’t have that “out of it” look.

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