Don’t Panic

I’m fiddling with the look of the site. Everything will be fine in a bit.

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  1. [Deleted because I’m not in the mood for Scorpius at the moment. Please do fuck off for a bit, Scorpius. There’s a lad — JS]

  2. Panic! When in pain, or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout! Aaaaah! Whatever looks different! The yogurt overlords have taken Ohio! Badgers on the doorstep! Flee! Flee!

  3. Whew. Found the peril sensitive sunglasses. All better now. What’s this about a bypass and site construction?

  4. I like the look. I’ll be interested to know what the new features are. So far, the only neg I have is that comments don’t seem to be numbered which could make cross-referencing tricky.

  5. I also miss the numbered posts, but I’m sure that everything will turn out all right. *thinks positive* The new login options are pretty cool.

  6. Well, I would panic, but I’m stopping here on my way to Dead Island to kill and be killed by Zombies. I’ll panic there instead. Only so much panic to go around.

  7. Might I suggest the ‘Theme Tester’ plugin for WordPress sites; then you can balls up all you like and regular vistors will know no better! Unless you’re tweaking something other than the design, in which case…ignore this comment, m’kay?

  8. That’s funny. I just had a Hitchhiker’s Guide-themed party for my 42nd birthday last night, and one of my gifts was a mug that says “Don’t Panic”. :)

  9. Like the style & layout. One big issue: the font. It is difficult to read. It is “thin” and the italic text is even worse. The post header is obviously just fine, big and bold. The first word/s of the post that are bold are easy to read… everything after that? Not so much.

    However, the font used for the comment threads looks just fine, a little darker and easier to read.

    And I have better than 20/20 vision so it is not my eyesight that is going.

    This regular consumer of your Grade-A Blogishnish respectfully requests that the comment text style/font also be used in place of the currently used posting text/font.

    Also don’t care for the comment button being at the top of the post. Especially when your post takes up more than the full screen and you have to scroll down to read it. Now when done reading you have to scroll back up to get to the comment button. I mean really, the scroll bearings in my monitor are going to wear out. :)

    And another thing… Thanks. Thanks for everything you do

  10. Ummmmm…. So the text looks good on my home computer. Retracting partial comments above while I investigate why other monitor is displaying that text in such a fashion… Anyone?

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