Another From the Ministry of Dogs and Cats Living Together

Awwww. They’re pals, they are.

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  1. Well if Daisy has any bleeding scratches on her nose from all this brotherly love, we’ve found a very nice aerosol saline solution at the pet store that is great for cleaning up all those “hug” marks. And it doesn’t seem to sting.

  2. I can see Daisy’s tail in motion…great shot!

    Um, that being said, the feline will likely deny it ever happened.

  3. Daisy: Aww, he’s letting me sniff him!
    Zeus: Well, I can tolerate it, *just this once*, provided it never happens again…and besides, I’m not (for obvious reasons) making eye contact with her, so it’s not like it counts or anything.

  4. Unfortunately the reason for this cordial meeting of minds is that they’re plotting together against the humans.

  5. zeus: I will tolerate you because I will allow you the honor of scratching my back.

    daisy: why do you smell like bacon?

  6. My dog and cat practice a weird combination of genuine affection and dominance behaviour. They use marking and grooming, and occasionally play-fighting, to push each other away from The Human, in a never-ending battle to see who gets to be closer to my face. It’s an odd rivalry from a pair who *both* sleep in the dog kennel on cold winter nights.

  7. *whine*

    “Hmm? Did you say something?”

    “No. *heavy sigh*

    “You’re going to make me say it, aren’t you.”

    “No, just ignore me.”

    “Oh for the love of… All right, I’ll concede. *What’s wrong?*”


    “Clearly something’s bothering you. Out with it.”

    “It’s just . . . ”


    “I need . . . I need a face rub.”

    “Well, there’s the ground. Go rub your face on it.”

    “That’s not the same!”

    “Let me guess. You also need some *one* to rub your face *on*, don’t you.”


    “I can see you’re going to be impossible…..All right, get it over with.”

    “What? You mean it?!”

    “For this one time, I will permit you to rub your slobbery face on me. So get it over with.”

    “Oh thank you!”

    “Ack! Not on *my* face! There, on my back.”

    *Sigh of contentment*

    “Feel better?”

    “You have no idea. Thank you, my friend.”

    “All right, you go run along now. I have some grooming to catch up on.”

  8. I was very close to getting a Lab puppy on Saturday. The thought of how our 7-year-old cat would react to a puppy that sees the world as a chew toy would have been worth the $200. But my wife convinced me that buying a dog from someone you meet in a parking lot wasn’t a good idea. Even if it was at National Hunting and Fishing Days.

  9. Jwalk: We got the most recent addition to our feline family at a pet adoption outside the local Petsmart. Granted, they probably vet (no pun intended) the participants a little more carefully than what you’d get buying a Lab puppy out of the back of someone’s pickup. Still, he didn’t come from a breeder, he was a stray before the local animal shelter picked him up. And he’s probably the most interactive and playful of our three cats. Maybe that’s because the other two are in their twilight years (~14 yrs old), but I’m very glad we got him nonetheless.

  10. They’re both Betas – neither is the Alpha animal in the house. So of course, they get along and are great buddies. I bet they lay down and take naps together, too.

    I saw this all the time with my male Manchester Terrier and my male black cat – both of whom outweighed the Alpha pets – first the female Manchester Terrier, then after she died, the female tortoise cat. The girls kept the boys in line & reminded them (constantly) they were only in the house because the girls allowed them to live there.

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