Two Scalzi Short Works, Now in E-Book Form

If you follow this link, you will see news from Subterranean Press that Nook and Kindle editions of “Questions For a Soldier” and “The Sagan Diary,” two short works set in the Old Man’s War universe (“Questions” takes place between Old Man’s War and The Ghost Brigades; “Sagan” takes place between Ghost Brigades and The Last Colony). “Questions” is 99 cents; “Sagan,” $2.99. Worth every penny, if you ask me. Anyway, if you’ve been wanting e-book versions of these stories, now you’ve got ’em.

I Resent the Implication That I Have Become a Zombie of Some Sort

Honestly, just because I’m away from the blog for a day or two does not mean I’ve gone over to the undead side. Yes, my skin is pale and rotting. Yes, I find it hard to enunciate with a decaying jaw. Yes, I have a big steaming pile of tasty, tasty brains harvested from the screaming skulls of my former neighbors. What of it? Those things, in themselves, prove nothing. Nothing at all.

Damn it, losing one’s thumbs makes it hard to type.

Actually, forget I said that. Or mumbled it, at least.

Anyway, another day I’ll be away from the blog for most of the day. Hey, it happens.

In the interim, a project for you:

We all know that zombies are the monstrous creatures who crave the brains of the living. Create and describe the monstrous creatures who crave one of the three following organs of the living: Pancreas, gall bladder, lymphatic system. Because, honestly. Just eating the brains? Seems wasteful, even for monstrous creatures. Time to build a whole ecosystem of them shambling bastards.

I’ll check in later in the day to see how all y’all are doing with the project.