Small Housekeeping Note

Regarding the sidebar, as I know you are all passionately interested.

1. The “Today’s Books Sent to Scalzi” feed is back because I started updating it again after a couple of weeks (reason for delay: Not a whole bunch of books coming in for a couple weeks, and then suddenly A LOT. It happens like that sometimes).

2. Whateverettes is out at least temporarily, because is undergoing some changes, which apparently broke the WordPress widget I’ve been using with it. Hopefully it will get fixed soon; otherwise I’ll look for a way to replace it. I took the advance move of reserving the “Whateverette” Twitter account just in case.

3. “The Blatherations of Others” moved up higher in the sidebar queue for those of you who want to find what others said, more easily.

More updates as circumstances warrant.


7 Comments on “Small Housekeeping Note”

  1. 1. Good.

    2. That’s unfortunate; I hope so too; and smart move.

    3. Yay! *does the happy-dog dance*

  2. John, was created as a delicious replacement when Delicious was in Yahoohell. You can import Delicious bookmarks to that and there are some WP plugins (though I don’t know what you can and can’t install on VIP). If the Delcious stuff doesn’t come back or you want to investigate alternatives, that might be worth a look.

  3. I thought you might want to know: when accessing your blog from my mobile device, the titles appear as “Small Housekeeping Note” rather than just the three middle words.

  4. hm. weird.

    with the new motif, my phone hasnt gotten into the problem where I was typing, then moved the cursor up, then couldnt move the curso back to the bottom again. That made me very skittish about moving the cursor to fix a typo, cause I might not be able to type after that point.

    It seems like this theme doesnt have that problem. what it does have though is that when I press the screen to move the curso and bring up the keyboard, the cursor consistently scrolls down sobthat I cant see it.

    I can move the cursor around wherever I want. But I have to type blind.

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