Win One of Ten Copies of Cherie Priest’s Ganymede

UPDATE: 12:03: They’ve all been given away. Thanks!

My pal Bill Schafer at Subterranean Press has ten copies of Ganymede, the latest installment of Cherie Priest’s terrific Clockwork Century series, and you can win one if you live in the US and if you are very fast. Here’s what you do:

1. Be one of the first 10 people to e-mail Bill at “,” using “Ganymede Giveaway” as your e-mail header and providing your physical mail address (in the US; non-US addresses are out of luck, sorry).

2. That’s it.

These sorts of giveaways have gone very quickly before, so get typing. Also, you will be notified if you win, but not otherwise, so if you don’t hear anything within a day or two, assume you missed out this time around  — and consider getting the book anyway, because Cherie’s a damn good writer, and this is easily one of the best steampunk series ever.

Good luck!

19 Comments on “Win One of Ten Copies of Cherie Priest’s Ganymede”

  1. I was in the bathroom when I learned of this, which I’m now not too sure I’m comfortable sharing. Anyway, I managed to send the e-mail off (after washing my hands, thank you very much). Somehow doubt I’m in that top ten.

  2. Sent along my entry. I loved Fort Freak (set in George R. R. Martin’s WIld Cards playground) – Cherie’s a great writer, but I’ve never read any of her solo stuff – Here’s hoping… :-)

  3. I think you pretty much had to be sitting on Whatever with a 60-second refresh to have a prayer of this; this was generated at 12:00:46 EDT, hit my inbox at 9:02:52 PDT, and John updated at 12:03 EDT “done now”….

  4. Why did you link to the Evil Empire for folks to buy the book? Lots of indie bookstores could use the business. Just askin’.

  5. Clyde:

    Most people here aren’t so abjectly stupid that they don’t recognize that just because I link to Amazon doesn’t mean they can’t in fact go to their local bookstore to pick up a copy.

  6. crap. a few minutes late and an email short.
    always a bridesmaid but never the bride.
    bird in hand worth two in the bush.
    if you chase two rabbits you will catch neither.
    starve a cold. feed a fever.

  7. Well I missed the heck out of this, but I’d already gotten it on my Nook Tuesday morning anyway. So congrats to whoever won. I’d also like to echo John;s sentiments that Cherie Priest’s books kick ass and you all should give her a try, if you haven’t already.

  8. D’oh. I stupidly thought the rss feed posted at the same time the blog updates. I bet he laughed at my 11:25 CST email…LOL

  9. I started reading Cherie Priest’s (and Tobias Buckell’s) books after going to a panel at the Decatur Book Festival several years back to see you, John. They have you to thanks for at least a handful of sales. In addition to the series Ganymede is a part of, I really like Cherie’s Eden Moore books.

  10. Why are these things always confined to the USA? Not that I would have had a chance given that I’m only now finding out about it, but it still seems rather unfair.

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