My Newest Toy

It’s a storm drain! It’s okay. You can be jealous.

It turns out that the drainage tile in our yard was mostly fine — a few crack and slips here and there but mostly good. The contractor fixed those minor things and then put in some additional storm drains so that the water could more easily get to the drainage tile, rather than go overland in our yard. We’ll see how it works the next big rain we have. Also, note to self: Remember to put keys in pocket around this thing.

26 Comments on “My Newest Toy”

  1. That there’s a might fine drain. Yes, sir, a mighty fine drain. I don’t believe I’ve seen a finer drain in all my days.

  2. It’s all happening at the Scalzi house this week – first a new bunny and now a new drain..

  3. Don’t forget to check the pocket for holes first. I use keychains that clip to belt loops for just that reason…

  4. Doesn’t it just make you want to find things in the yard, like sticks, rocks, small toys, and drop them into that thing?

  5. When your house gets infiltrated by rabid Keebler elves, you’ll know how they got in.

  6. Well, now you’ve done it. This marks the commencement of what will be remembered as The Great Ohio Drought. Never fails.


  7. Well, now I have to move. My house doesn’t have storm drains and I have to have one at least as nice. Must keep up with the Scalzis…

  8. Scalzi SAYS it’s a “storm drain.”

    Personally, I think it’s part of the bunker he has for hiding from those super-intelligent badgers or whatever he’s always rambling on about. [He apparently doesn’t realize badgers know how to burrow. Shhhh!]

  9. Is the drain pipe large enough to crawl through? How else will you ever reach the dish to patch in and manually align the antenna?

  10. The mist in my crystal ball clears. I see a vision of gleeful children grasping small objects in their little hands–then feeding those offerings to the troll who lives under the grate.

  11. @Cairsten above –

    I have a clip on every keyring & always latch my keys to something – beltloop, jacket zipper, anything handy. They sell the clips at hobby stores. Best thing since sliced bread.

  12. Next heavy rain you will be out there with a flashlight, watching all the water go down that sucker. Good drainage after a period of bad drainage is a surprising emotional lift.

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