What’s For Dinner at Chez Scalzi

Two different kinds of bruschetta, one the traditional sort with tomatoes, the second with wild mushrooms. Here, the chef shows off her plating skills. Not too bad. The food was mighty tasty as well. Inasmuch as I can scorch boiling water, Athena’s aptitude with food no doubt comes down from her mother’s side. This works for me.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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I just hope the “wild” mushrooms aren’t the poisonous kind…

But seriously, that does sound yummy. I’m trying to re-hone my cooking skills, which have gone dormant for far too long because hubby and I happen to have rather different tastes (no pun intended) when it comes to food. I was single for a decade before we married, so I got used to cooking stuff I obviously liked, and when hubby came into the picture he was like “Umm…not so much.” He likes the fact I can cook things which don’t require a box or a can, he just wishes our ideas of what’s good to eat coincided more often (as do I, since his idea of “cooking” is to throw some frozen chicken tenders in the oven).

It’s a movie about a guy who goes to a small coastal town in Scotland to try to buy the land for a big American oil company, but he is so charmed by the town and the inhabitants that he doesn’t want to change it. While driving to the town, he and his traveling companion, a nerdy Scot, pick up a rabbit they find along the side of the road. The fate of the rabbit is … a little unsettling and part of the culture shock the American guy finds there. You might not want to watch it any time soon, what with your new bunny and all, but it’s actually a pretty cool movie. There’s a mermaid too–a Scottish one–and an insane American boss who ends up coming over to Scotland too.

I didn’t think you ate your bunny, BTW.

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