Daily Archives: October 10, 2011

Name This Bunny 2: The Quickening

The Scalzi Family Rabbit is looking nonplussed at being at the house for several days and yet still not having a name. Fear not, unnamed lagomorph! We’re nearly there. Here’s the deal: a few hundred of you suggested names to Athena for this here rabbit. What she’s done is pick a list of finalists, and […]

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The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction: Now in Beta

A tweet from the estimable Neil Gaiman informs me that the online version of The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction is now up as “beta text” — i.e., still a work in progress. Work in progress though it may be, it’s still pretty impressive, with 3.2 million words of information on science fiction authors, notables, themes […]

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The Return of My Unsolicited Annual Plug for WordPress.com

Today marks the third anniversary of Whatever’s association with WordPress.com, via its VIP hosting service, and the best compliment I can think to give WordPress.com in this regard is that it’s been three years since I’ve had to think about whether my blog is up and running. It is, and WordPress.com just works. For someone […]

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The Big Idea: Kate Elliott

Every family has its own activities, to bring them closer together and to enjoy each others’ company. Some like to go hiking. Some play music. Others enjoy a “game night” with Monopoly or Carcassonne. But what about the family of author Kate Elliot? Well. Their family activities are a little more, shall we say, expansive […]

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