Name This Bunny 2: The Quickening

The Scalzi Family Rabbit is looking nonplussed at being at the house for several days and yet still not having a name. Fear not, unnamed lagomorph! We’re nearly there.

Here’s the deal: a few hundred of you suggested names to Athena for this here rabbit. What she’s done is pick a list of finalists, and tossing the list back to you to vote for in a poll. Whichever name has the most votes by, oh, let’s say, 11:59:59 pm Eastern, Tuesday, October 11, will be the rabbit’s official new name.

Clearly, this is very serious business — perhaps the most seriousest poll I’ve ever had here.

So, here’s the poll:

Once again, Athena thanks you for your cooperation.

62 Comments on “Name This Bunny 2: The Quickening”

  1. As a kid I helped my Dad raise pigs named Porkchop and Bacon. We also had a cow for awhile named Sweet Meat. I see nothing wrong with naming the rabbit along these tasty, tasty lines…

  2. At least *this* sequel doesn’t suck nearly as badly as There Should Have Been Only One….

    Names have power, Athena. Do you *really* want to name an adorable rabbit after an Elder God? It could go vorpal…

  3. Sigh.. since the others are weak, and none of mine were considered–masterpieces that they were–I voted for Cthulu. Go you dark creature of the underworld!

  4. In my voting I pictured the rabbit wearing a monocle. I think you know which name I fancied…

  5. Damn! I meant to do submit yesterday. Okay, fine even though the polls are closed I’m going to submit mine and hope for a Hollywood-style ending where the kid comes outta nowhere and takes the prize:

    After having to read the torturously depressing, “Run Rabbit Run” in high school, it’s the least I can do for ol’ John.

  6. I had to go with Lord/Lady Snuggleton for two reasons:
    A) looking at the picture, that’s the name that he/she looks most like to me.
    B) It’s a chance to make John live with another animal with a cutesy name which he will have a hard time coming up with a creative spelling for.
    Sorry, John.

  7. The bunny looks more like an Ebbetts than a Cthulhu to me, but I suspect the latter name is likely to win, knowing this crowd. (And oh, I am amused that the spellchecker in Google Chrome doesn’t redline “Cthulhu” at all.)

  8. Since I can’t choose the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog, I vote for Puffles. It seems appropriate to me.

  9. My parents named calves fajita, hamburger, round steak, ribeye, brisket, etc… That way when the grandkids came to visit, they knew where their favorite calf went. Circle of life, you know.

  10. I opted for Lord/Lady Snuggleston. Bunnygeddon is OK, but if it had been “Bunnageddon, Dark Lord of All” I’d have voted for it.

  11. It has to be Bunnygeddon, because that will be invariably shortened to Geddy.

    And, y’know, people, how *can* you go wrong with Geddy?!

    I mean….. GEDDY for chrissake!!!

    I think my awesomefuse has just popped.

  12. I consulted my two boys (8 & 10) and we came to a unanimous decision: we voted for Cthulhu. You can never go wrong with cute, fluffy evil.

  13. I went for Bunnygeddon, which isn’t *solely* due to my instinctive urge to vote for anything vaguely DW-related. Second-best for me was Othello (great rabbit name).

  14. I voted for Puffles, but can I have a second vote? GaryG convinced me it has to be Geddy (aka Bunnygeddon)

  15. Considering I have a cat named Cthulu, I had to go with the Snuggleston option. My baby Lu doesn’t need any competition in the cute elder god department.

  16. The science teacher at my daughter’s school has two rabbits in the room. One is named Hoss and the other is named Feffer. I about giggle-fitted myself at Open House.

  17. I do like the fact that your bunny naming poll is getting more votes than the average online news poll.

  18. Well, I know the rules are the rules, so I’ll vote for one of the choices listed, but if write-ins were being considered I would have suggested… Bunnicula!

  19. My husband used to refer to our male rabbit, Mallow, as Hasenpfeffer. Of course, he’s also the guy who took one look at Mal when he first arrived and said “He looks like a bunny slipper.”

    (BTW, Soon-to-Be-Named Rabbit needs a “resting board” if se is going to continue to live in that cage – the wire cage floor has a good chance of causing cause sore feet and hocks.)

  20. Bunnygeddon for the win!!! (I can still hope… and still be extremely proud that it made it to the poll! LOL!)

  21. The essence of Whatever is that Cthulhu is the front-runner for the name of a rabbit won from carnies given to a young lady; and, it’s all true. It’s like a Neil Gaiman story.

  22. I would have much preferred to see Bun Bun on the short list (especially if someone had put a small switchblade in there for the lil bun) but… I suppose I can find something acceptable from this list of choices…

  23. My five year old suggested “Lulu” after I read the list to her and showed her the picture of the bunny. When I told her that Lulu wasn’t on the list, she then said that “Cthulhu” was her choice. She, of course, has no idea who Cthulhu is, but to her it’s close enough to Lulu for her vote.

    My five year old, by the way, wishes to let Athena know that “her bunny is very cute.”

  24. Having been mainly away from the internets for most of the weekend (at least I got a nice new BBQ!), I am disappointed that ‘Skullcrusher’ is not an option. However we have a fine selection to choose from. My officemate refused to let her kid name the pet lamb ‘Chops’ (on the basis that it might upset some other children), so it ended up with ‘Lucky’.

  25. The Day of Bunnygeddon will be followed by the Day of Judgement, when all souls will be weighed by Ghlaghghee, the Magnificent She. Those who are unworthy of her radiance (they can’t operate can openers or are unskilled in animal portraiture) will be cast down forever.

  26. I see we’re replicating the famous “Bunny X” experiments with gender here….

    Technically, shouldn’t this be “The Namening”?

  27. Jessica and or Roger weren’t on the list. I wish I had more context for Ebbett or Taijitu. I’ll just go with a name that’s fun to say out loud and vote for Ebbett.

  28. Looks like this bunneh is going to be named Cthulhu. I don’t have the energy to mount a Facebook campaign for people to come here and vote for Ebbett! But I suppose the girl who called on Great Cthulhu to devour the astronomers when they voted Pluto out of the planet club would grow into a young woman who’s comfortable having a bunneh named Cthulhu!

  29. I unerringly voted for the name that currently has the least votes — Taijitu/Tai. I had no choice. After I quickly researched (half hearted interdweeb search) it, it just appealed to me on so many levels. This is how I wind up spending 45 minutes online when I’m just checking out the weather and, oh, by the way, I should check out my favorite blog. So it goes.

  30. Me too, Athena! I know there are no write-ins, so I voted for Tai, but in case any of them appeal to you, I named my bunny Fionn Emrys Derwen. Fionn because he was a great Celtic warrior and I wanted my little guy to have a strong, brave name. Emrys is the wizard Merlin’s original name (in some retellings), and Derwen is the Celtic word for oak, the strongest tree.

  31. Megabombus.

    I just discovered genus and subgenus names for bumblebees. I have to name something Megabombus and all my animals have about 20 names each already.

  32. Huh. Not crazy about any of those. It looks all cookies and cream to me, so I’d be tempted to call it Cookie, or maybe CC. Which would be even more appropriate if you could get it to wear that lovely chef’s hat of Athena’s.

  33. Just for the ability to pick Cthulu as chosen by someone so young make it’s a great choice. Then again I’m not grown enough to work anywhere other than a game company, so what do I know?

  34. I know that write-ins are not being considered (bastards!!) but my wife strongly suggests that the only name can be Bunnicula. At least that way, you aren’t naming the bunny after food (@beowuff) but only have to consider yourself as potential food :-)

  35. fryerdl, you missed that phase. These are the ones Athena decided were worthy.

    And now, a song.

    There was Athena, had a bun and Cthulhu was his name-u!
    *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* u!
    *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* u!
    *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* u!
    And Cthulhu was his name-u!

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