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The Next 11 Days

As most of you know by now, I’m off to Germany tomorrow to do my book tour (here are the cities and dates), and I’ll be there through the 23rd (and probably sleeping through most of the 24th). Here’s what you need to know about the next several days. 1. The cute little object above […]

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The Unspeakable Eldritch Horror of Our New Bunny

To the surprise of almost exactly no one around here, the name “Cthulhu” took first place in our “Name the Bunny” poll, with “Lord Snuggleston,” coming in a reasonably close second. Athena liked both names, so we’re combining them to give our rabbit the rather grand name of “Cthulhu, Lord Snuggleston.” Because if ever there […]

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The Big Idea: Matthew J. Kirby

Sometimes the big idea when the author starts a book isn’t the same big idea that the author finishes with. Matthew Kirby had this experience with his Viking fantasy Icefall — somewhere between the first and last words of the tale, some telling particulars had changed… and so had the story. Kirby tells you now […]

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What Science Fiction Film Has Ruined For Me

This week at FilmCritic.com I go over some things that science fiction film has ruined for me, and, yes, this includes Antarctica, the setting for both the 1982 and 2011 versions of The Thing. The penguins can keep the whole continent, as far as I’m concerned. As always, if you have some choice comment to […]

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