The Next 11 Days

As most of you know by now, I’m off to Germany tomorrow to do my book tour (here are the cities and dates), and I’ll be there through the 23rd (and probably sleeping through most of the 24th). Here’s what you need to know about the next several days.

1. The cute little object above is a German mobile wifi hotspot that I have rented for the duration of my trip, so the good news is that (schedule permitting) I should be able to update here from time to time whilst I am on the road. I suspect I will be doing most of my updating whilst on trains, because I will be on trains a lot, and what else is there to do on a train besides sit.

That said, don’t expect long updates over the next several days, and I may not update every day. Hey, I’ll be busy being a cultural ambassador for my country. That takes time out of the schedule. As I have the hotspot, I should also be able to update Twitter now and again as well; indeed, I suspect that will be my primary mode of communication to all y’all when I am in Europe.

In short: I still plan to be mostly gone until the 24th or so.

(Also, before you ask, yes, I am aware that electrical sockets and voltage are different over there — I have already bought the requisite cords and adapters and made sure my computer’s power brick is capable of handling twice the volts. I think ahead, I do!)

2. While I’m away, I’ve asked my friend Kate Baker (who some of you may recall as the site manager suring my six-week hiatus last year) to watch over the site and have handed over the Mallet of Loving Correction to her, with the admonition to mallet when in doubt. So please be polite to her and each other while I are away, because if you’re not, wham, baby. Kate may also post here, depending on her own inclinations and interests.

3. No Big Ideas while I am away, but you’ll note I did three in a row this week, and I have another three scheduled for when I return, so you’ll be all caught up.

4. While I am traveling I will not be answering anything but what I consider absolutely critical e-mails, so unless you’re on fire, if you have something to e-mail me about, it should wait until October 24. And if you are on fire, why are you e-mailing me? Dude, you’re on fire. Put yourself out.

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  1. I second Lawrence’s recommendation of Schnitzel. In particular, I recommend either Jägerschnitzel or Zigeunerschnitzel. Pair them with Bratkartoffeln, and you’ve got yourself the yumminess. The YUMMIness.

    (I grew up in Germany and am terribly envious of your upcoming writerly German adventure. Enjoy. :) )

  2. what else is there to do ona train???

    I think Alfred Hitchcock would have quite a few possible suggestions. If you meet a woman named Eve Kendall, things may get very interesting indeed. Just remember, if someone is paging one Mr George Kaplan, stay as far away from them as possible.


  3. Here’re some topics for Kate to consider discussing while you’re gone: the Republican primary, Occupy Wall Street, Steve Jobs legacy, why Cap’n Crunch is the bestest cereal EVAR, Jesus v. Darwin…

  4. Have a nice trip, John!

    Keep in mind that insisting Lederhosen and Weißwurst are typical German has a 50% chance of getting you pelted with rotten fruit outside of Bavaria. ;)

  5. Only the southern part of Germany. You are missing Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden, Leipzig….

    Would have payed for a beer or two in Berlin. ;-)

  6. Speaking as the son of German immigrants, I hope you enjoy your trip.

    Be sure to stop by one of the little “Imbiss” and order a bratwurst with fries. You get the brat with a little piece of bread, the fries, then add some “gewurz” ketchup and enjoy. Absolute heaven for just a few Euros.

  7. Jeff — I have to disagree with you. Sugar Pops (now called Pops, I believe) are the best. But I digress…..
    why Cap’n Crunch is the bestest cereal EVAR
    Have a great time on your trip, John.

  8. Leaving your family alone with an eldritch* beast, and her pet rabbit. How could you?

    *There are fewer things more eldritch than an adolescent girl. :)

  9. Man I miss Germany sometimes. Not that Japan isn’t great, but the firm, steady predictablity of German life can be really comforting.

    Viel Spass bei der Reise!

  10. Are you sure, you have a *german* 3G-wifi thingie? Because it’s branded by Hutchinson 3G, which afaik does not have a presence in Germany. In Austria it’s great, but not in Germany. You might want to double-check…

  11. If a hippie-looking American programmer, who speaks fluent German and his daughter wander up to you at any point, say “Hi!” to my brother and niece for me.

  12. Oooh…I last went to Germany when I was a teenager, oh so many moons ago. I remember two, no make that three things.
    1. Bratwurst from street vendors is awesome. Brats, with hard rolls (with as in ‘besides’, not in like a hot dog) and spicy brown mustard. Yummy goodness.
    2. Coca-cola, and most soft drinks, typically server warm. Unless they spot you for an American, wherein they usually give you a glass with ice.
    3. Hamburgers. You’d expect, being in their ‘homeland’, their hamburgers would be paragons of the name. Except that hamburgers as we know them come from Texas, by way of the 1904 St. Louis World Fair. Hamburg Steak, as Germans know it, contains beef, pork, various seasonings, and a cruel, cruel surprise to an American teenager expecting a taste of home in a foreign land.

    So…maybe what I learned was, when in Rome, stop looking for a McDonald’s?

  13. Speaking as the son of German immigrants, I hope you enjoy your trip.

    Be sure to stop by one of the little “Imbiss” and order a bratwurst with fries. You get the brat with a little piece of bread, the fries, then add some “gewurz” ketchup and enjoy. Absolute heaven for just a few Euros. – Boston Market Coupons

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