The Unspeakable Eldritch Horror of Our New Bunny

To the surprise of almost exactly no one around here, the name “Cthulhu” took first place in our “Name the Bunny” poll, with “Lord Snuggleston,” coming in a reasonably close second. Athena liked both names, so we’re combining them to give our rabbit the rather grand name of “Cthulhu, Lord Snuggleston.” Because if ever there was a noble ruler of Cuddlyshire, it would be the squid-faced lord of insanity, wouldn’t it. So, meet Cthulhu, Lord Snuggleston. I imagine for short we’ll call it “Hey, bunny.”

And for those of you no doubt slightly alarmed by the picture above, a somewhat more adorable picture for you:

There, that makes it all better, doesn’t it.

Update: 3:03pm: Please to find Cthulhu, Lord Snuggleston’s first fan art, from Dave Branson:

Adorably terrifying? Or terrifyingly adorable?

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  1. IMHO, the second picture is no more comforting. S/He has spooky eyes. It’s always in the eyes.

  2. Are you sure it’s Lord Snuggleston, and not Lady Snuggleston? I know you’ve consistently referred to the rabbit as “he”…but when my brother and I were young, my parents bought us each rabbits one Easter, after having been promised they were both male. After I made a rather unfortunate discovery in the bottom of their cage one day, it was determined that the smaller of the two, my brother’s rabbit, was actually female. As long as it’s just one rabbit, it shouldn’t really matter a whole lot what its gender is, but even so…inquring minds want to know!



    It reminds me of the part in “Good Omens” where they’re talking about the Prince of Darkness and how cute his wittle hoofies are. :D

  4. Lord Snuggleston had best beware. With such a superior establishment and that so very amiable manner, all the matchmaking mamas of the ton will be after him for their button-nosed daughters.

  5. Sigh, since Captain Hopalot, Zombie Cat Slayer wasn’t chosen, I guess that Cthulu will pass. But you never know when you might need a zombie cat slayer… who might also cross-train as a zombie badger slayer.

  6. Don’t look into the eyes or you’ll be VTq#5Oc0zK%O,NPVZGdD^t?Q………………………………………………..


  7. AWESOME name. I just hope he doesn’t grow multiple ears that behave like his eponym’s tentacles. (Did I use that word right? I think I did…)

  8. I can only imagine the bedtime stories…

    “Cthulhu, Lord Snuggleston, what big tentacles you have!”
    “All the better to snuggle with, my child.”

  9. I hope Athena enjoys her wabbit as much as we enjoy ours! Our Flopsy is a very sociable and entertaining member of the household. She is good friends with both cats and the elder dog, and is making friends with the new puppy quite rapidly.

    Wabbits are great fun!

  10. I think that name may sufficiently deter me from wanting to eat him. Though the first picture might give me the valid excuse of self defense…

  11. Presumably, he is also a poet of the Satanic School of the Romantics? Gordon, Lord Byron; Percy Bysshe Shelley; Mary Gowdin; Samuel Taylor Coleridge…A rich group of poets to be amoungst;).

  12. The shapes and proportions of the first picture are disturbingly awkward and wrong. Did Cthulhu, Lord Snuggleston transport you to R’lyeh for part of the photo shoot?

  13. here bunny bunny bunny… here WABBIT!

    hm. reimagining Call of Cthulhu with elmer fudd as the main character is … unsettling

  14. That rabbit is, as most rabbits are, very disapproving.

    By the way, the House Rabbit Society ( has a lot of really good info on rabbit care (according to my friends who do rabbit rescue). There’s a lot of bad information out there on how to properly care for a bun, and they can live a good long life with the right husbandry, so it’s definitely worth looking into.

  15. From the picture it kind of looks like the rabbits cage floor is all wire. That’s really unnecessary and uncomfortable for the rabbit. Rabbits are intelligent and will litter train themselves. A solid surface for the rabbit to live on with a litter box in the corner is pretty standard.

    Also, my rabbits love it when I put hay in their litter box so they can munch while they do their business.

    Also, not trying to be critical or anything. Just throwing out some info for a new rabbit owner.

  16. Hey, did you or any of the other parents of lucky rabbit winners ever find out just who was handing out rabbits? Just curious.

  17. Um…. did I already say he’s going to grow into his ears? He is …. he’s going to be big. Trust me — I live with a 12 pound bunny (she’s the biggest out of the four I have). Have fun!!!

  18. Is it so terribly wrong that the first thing that hopped into my brain when I saw this was, “Little Bunny Cthu-lhu, hoppin’ through the for-est…. Scoopin’ up the Old Ones and boppin’ ’em on the head…”

  19. Only thing missing on that name is a military rank to go along with it. Leftenant Commander Cthulu, Lord Snuggleston, perhaps?

    And Thena at 7:47, you’re my short-duration personal savior for the Little Bunny Cthu-Lu lyric.

  20. D.A. – Are you implying that his parents lacked the wherewithal to acquire him a commission? Slander and calumny!

    Oh, and I’ve decided the song continues “Aaaaand down came Hastur the Unspeakable, and he said…”

  21. Ia’ Cthulhu! ia’ Cthulhu! Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu Cuddlyshire wgah’nagl fhtagn!!!

  22. So is Cuddlyshire anywhere near Watership Down?

    A multi-tentacled, bat-winged, leporine deity seems like something that would fit right into Sluggy Freelance. Though with all he’s been through, I don’t see a certain switchblade-wielding lop being sufficiently impressed to start worshipping him or anything….

  23. @J.Packer:

    No, it is obvious from his portraits that young Cthulu, Lord Snuggleston would disdain the use of his family’s wealth and prefer to work his way up on his own merits, thus having achieved the much more important rank of Sergeant. Even the Army knows that sergeants run the joint. Officers are there to sign paperwork. :P

  24. Agree that he is going to grow into his ears. Also second the House Rabbit Society recommendation. They’re a great source of information. Of course, I’m a licensed educator for them, so I’m a little biased. ;-) Also, if he isn’t neutered, I’d recommend taking care of that soonish. He’ll be easier to litter box train and he won’t follow you around trying to hump your feet all the time. Congratulations on the new addition to your family!

  25. “Bunnies aren’t just cute like everybody supposes, they got them hoppy legs and twitchy little noses.
    And what’s with all the carrots? What do they need such good eyesight for anyway?…”

  26. Check out Binky Bunny, a website where you can learn how best to take care of your new bunny! He’s SO CUTE! We have two, and they have the run of the place because they are litter trained. Definitely good advice about the wire flooring; it can injure their footsies. Also, they need hay as much as they need water. Timothy hay is best, and you can get it at Target!


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