Frankfurt Saturday Update

So how was my Saturday? I’m glad you asked.

1. The book fair was open to the public today, and it was completely insane; there were times when it was impossible to move forward because so many people were jamming the aisles. Really sort of amazing. Like Comic Con, only larger, and with more books. Tomorrow will apparently be even more insane since they allow sales of the books on the last day. Can’t wait.

2. My evening event went well; people seemed to have fun with the reading and the question and answer period went smoothly. I signed several books, met and chatted with some very nice fans, and then went to dinner with my German editor Sascha, Carolin my handler, and Miriam, who works with the Consulate. Good food and great conversation.

3. I am finding that my understanding of German is improving as I go along; instead of following 30% of what’s being said I figure I can understand about half, most of the time. Who knows, by the time I leave I may actually understand most people here. Of course, I still speak German like a drunk lemur. I don’t expect that will improve much. Alas.

And yes, still having a fantastic time. I really like Germany.


Saturday in Frankfurt: The Readinationing

For those of you who just happen to be in Frankfurt, Germany this evening, a reminder that my reading is here at 6:30 tonight:

Kunstverein Frankfurt
Markt 44 (Room D)
60311 Frankfurt am Main

Please come. And bring every single person you know.

For those of you who are not going to be in Frankfurt, Germany this evening, well. I hardly know what to tell you.

About to set off to the book fair for the day, at which I will probably spend a reasonable amount of time loitering at the Heyne booth. If you’re at the fair, come by and say hello.

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