My First Tour Appearance and Already I’m Clearly Punchy

“I can’t read this book! It’s like it’s written in another language or something!”

The book, incidentally, is upside down for a reason, which is that I had commented that I read German so poorly that it would probably sound better if I turned the book upside down. And it did. I’m sorry, Germany, for slaughtering your language with my tongue.

This picture was taken at yesterday’s reading. The fellow on the stage with me is my German editor Sascha Mamczak, who introduced me and asked me questions and gave away copies of my books to a lucky audience member. The photo is by Judith Wallerius, who was (obviously) in attendance and nice enough to send it along to me so I could show it to you.

Tomorrow: Saarbrücken. See you there. Unless, I suppose you don’t live in or near Saarbrücken. But if you do, well. You should come. See here for details.

Day Off

I have a day off today and I’m wandering around Frankfurt being a tourist. Check the Twitter feed for pictures. Otherwise I’ll catch up with all of you later.