Me in a Suit and Tie

The Facebook page of the US Consulate General in Frankfurt is currently featuring pictures of me at my Frankfurt event. The page is here, and the direct link to the photo set is here. (The photo of me and the American ambassador to Germany? Here you go.) And yes, as advertised, there are pictures of me in a suit and a tie. You know you want to go look right now.

26 Comments on “Me in a Suit and Tie”

  1. Nice look. However, calling Ms. Assmann a “handler” makes it sound like you are a circus animal, which you patently are not. Circus animals do not wear suits and ties.

  2. Your handler’s name is Assmann? She seems to have grown up perfectly fine and adjusted, which could not happen in the US. Looking sharp, John.

  3. Saruby:

    You have been to different circuses than I.


    Carolin is in fact super-awesome, and for everyone else, that’s the last comment that’s going to make any note of her last name in a euphemistic sense (I understand you were making a positive comment, Hubert). I’ll mallet the rest of them, simply because we’re all older than 12, and also because she deserves better from us.

    Please do take the hint, folks. Thanks.

  4. Is anyone else perturbed by the ambassador’s smile? I can see his molars! John: You do clean up very nicely .

  5. James:

    Good to know it’s not just me! I’m not sure I could handle being on the receiving end of that smile.

    You’re looking good, John, circus animal or no.

  6. I am indeed a few decades older than 12, and yet I’ve never owned a suit. It is nice to have events to dress up for now and then though.
    Lookin’ sharp, dare I say, “dapper?” I am impressed with anyone who can travel across the globe and arrive with a non-wrinkled suit.

  7. I’ve noticed the effect before with David Letterman: good, well-fitting clothes really do make a large difference in a gentleman’s appearance. I’m not sure I would have chose that particular tie to go with that jacket, but maybe the colors are misrepresented by the camera and monitor between there and here.

  8. You are the personification of natty, sir. Please tell our German friends that we all dress like that.

  9. And right now, whomever analyzes the traffic to the site is saying, “WTF are all these hits we’re getting? Holy crap, that Scalzi guy has POWER!”

  10. Scalzi – how’s the buzz over there about Herr Petersen directing the OMW movie? Das Boot was such a fine achievement that I hope he’s still well regarded.

  11. Dang, you look nice (as does everyone else). Also, you totally win at dressing smartly – you even got the button down shirt! Which the ambassador tries VERY hard not to notice, while your only outer sign of satisfaction is that quiet smile to yourself. Well played, sir, well played indeed.

  12. Nice to see you all cleaned up!

    Was it an actual suit (jacket and pants of the same material, bought together), or merely a jacket and slacks? I ask because with a suit, a button-down collar isn’t actually appropriate. A button-down is considered “sportswear” — the buttons keep your collar in place — and is much less formal. I think I remember that they’re almost exclusively American, too.

  13. Keep up the good work! I think our relationship with Germany, and the European Union in general, is really important.

  14. Wish you’d come to our embassy here in Budapest. You aren’t all that far away, and I’ve been a big fan since Old Man’s War was initially released. Plus Budapest is far more beautiful than Frankfurt, which frankly was the one European city where I walked around all day with a camera once and at the end of the day realized I hadn’t taken a single photo.

  15. “Scalzi once more showed how diverse science fiction really is and that limiting it just to laser and aliens does not do it justice”

    you brought up the German cover art, didn’t you?

  16. John, did you actually go to the consulate office? Because if the google map pointer is pointing correctly, they are in what used to be a US Army hospital. And if so, you were in the same building I was born in! Crazy!