A Quick Note to Writers

Dudes. If you ever have a chance to do a reading event at a planetarium, do it.

That is all.

(Which is to say I’ll have more to say but my brain is collapsing, so tomorrow.)

Now in Freiburg

Where they have quite the cathedral, as it happens. Begun in 1200! And they’re still doing construction (which you cannot see but which is top of frame). Perhaps it’s no so much that they’re still doing construction as it is they’re doing a little reconstruction. But still. Nothing is perfect in God’s eye, apparently.

This is where I’m doing my reading tonight and as noted on Twitter, tonight’s reading is special because it’s taking place in a planetarium; the idea is that I and the German actor reading the translated piece will be performing under the stars for whoever decides to show up. I think this is neat and I’ll be interested to see how it works. If you’re in or near Freiburg, come to the Planetarium; we start at eight. Here’s the cool poster they made that tells you everything!

Meet Boris

One of the cool things about being an American author touring Germany is that at every stop, they have a German actor perform a bit from the German translation of your work. For example, this fellow, Boris Rosenberger, who read for me in Stuttgart and in T├╝bingen. He did a fantastic job (as did the actress in Saarbr├╝cken, whose first name is Julia but whose last name escapes me at the moment, alas), and I have to say that it’s actually been a lot of fun watching someone else read the work and hearing how they choose to perform the piece. It’s definitely better than I could do, of course, my German being what it is, but it’s also different than what I would do, even if I could do it in German. The actor doesn’t have the same relationship to the work and chooses different ways to hit the notes, so to speak. It makes for a very fun and interesting experience. I recommend everyone try it at least one.

Also, Hollywood casting types, look at this man. He’s hot, people. Make him a star, why don’t you.

E-Mail Down Briefly

Note to folks: my primary e-mail, john@scalzi.com, will be down briefly (less than an hour), while I fix the problem that’s been bouncing mails. Also, please note that while my account has been bouncing mail, I have been also receiving your mail; this is because I have the mails forwarded to a secondary address. It’s all very complicated, but it means I haven’t missed any mail that was sent (although, since I am away from home, I’m not responding to most mail anyway. Hey, I just said it was complicated).

So, if you could avoid sending me e-mail for the next hour or so, that would be great. If you can’t avoid it, well, then don’t expect me to actually see it. Thanks.

Update 4:29pm Germany time: Should be fixed now. E-mail away! Of course, I’ll still be mostly ignoring e-mails until I get back to the US. But don’t let that stop you.