E-Mail Down Briefly

Note to folks: my primary e-mail, john@scalzi.com, will be down briefly (less than an hour), while I fix the problem that’s been bouncing mails. Also, please note that while my account has been bouncing mail, I have been also receiving your mail; this is because I have the mails forwarded to a secondary address. It’s all very complicated, but it means I haven’t missed any mail that was sent (although, since I am away from home, I’m not responding to most mail anyway. Hey, I just said it was complicated).

So, if you could avoid sending me e-mail for the next hour or so, that would be great. If you can’t avoid it, well, then don’t expect me to actually see it. Thanks.

Update 4:29pm Germany time: Should be fixed now. E-mail away! Of course, I’ll still be mostly ignoring e-mails until I get back to the US. But don’t let that stop you.

2 Comments on “E-Mail Down Briefly”

  1. I suspect you mean “away from home” rather than “away from hope,” but given your happy family life, it’s an understandable Freudian slip. However, I can imagine the Germans may not feel so sanguine about it…

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