Daily Archives: October 21, 2011

München Says Hello

And they look happy to see you! Folks, the München event was fantastic. Another great reading in German from another great actor (whose name, I believe, is Alexander Meiler, although I may have messed up the last name, so if anyone who was there can correct me, please let me know), a fine crowd, more […]

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In München

München, of course, being what the Germans call Munich, and when in Germany, etc. It occurs to me that during my entire trip here in Germany I have not done one of my customary “view from the hotel window” pictures, so let me rectify that right now, lest I incurr the Wrath of the Internets […]

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Freiburg Recap

I mentioned last night, just before I collapsed into sleep, that if writers can do an event at a planetarium that they should really try it. The reason I suggest it, and particularly for science fiction writers, is that there’s something primal about telling stories while the stars turn overhead — it’s very much a […]

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