Freiburg Recap

I mentioned last night, just before I collapsed into sleep, that if writers can do an event at a planetarium that they should really try it. The reason I suggest it, and particularly for science fiction writers, is that there’s something primal about telling stories while the stars turn overhead — it’s very much a return to the original days of storytelling, when making stuff up and sharing it with people helped pass long nights. Also, look: You get a planetarium of your own for a whole night. How cool is that. Yes, I really am a nerd. This should not be a surprise at this late date.

And as you might imagine, I thought Freiburg was pretty wonderful. The event went very well, and once again there was a fantastic reading in German, this time by Peter Haug-Lamersdorf, who I recommend for all your reading needs, should you ever be in Freiburg, and who knows? Perhaps you might. Last night was also special because my friend and fellow writer Ben Rosenbaum came up from Switzerland, where he now lives, and he and I wandered the city, talking, laughing our asses off and generally alarming the populace by talking at a rate of speed that’s probably not entirely human. It was fun. Fun, I tell you.

Today: Off to München and to my final public event, tonight at 7:30 at the Amerika Haus. The event admission is free — free! Free! — so if you’re in or near München, why not come? It’ll be the last you see of me, Germany. So if you want to see me at all, then is the time. See you there.

7 Comments on “Freiburg Recap”

  1. A planetarium in Germany for a Scalzi reading and no *LASER SHOW*? I hope you’ll forgive just a bit of disappointment.

  2. We do Lasershows in planetariums. At least in Munich I’m sure we do, because I’ve been there and seen it. But, well, you’ll not get to the planetarium in Munich, because you’ll be in Amerika-Haus.

    But that’s cool to. It has a giant obelisk right at the front door.

    See you tonight. :)

  3. I hope you are collecting a few really cool souveniers to take home to the womenfolk. Just a friendly warning.

  4. When my husband takes road trips without me, the only “souvenir” I want is him. I can’t sleep worth a shit when he’s not here, and my health being what it is, I’d rather be able to sleep than have some fancy trinket that’ll just gather dust. Just my two cents.


  5. Enjoying the armchair adventure! and yeah, story reading in a planetarium? I’d totally go!!