Pictures of München

I walked around town today with my cell phone camera and went a little nuts with the Vignette filters. Wanna see? Go here

7 Comments on “Pictures of München”

  1. Oooh, I especially love the dark, “sinister” ones! ; ) The black and the dark teal in the “portly” pose are particularly striking. Well done.

  2. Hope you managed to catch the figures ring the hour at the Marienkirche. It’s quite a show. Just underneath is a cool statue of St. Michael killing a dragon.

  3. If the weather was as nice in München as it was here in Donauwörth you had one of the last lovely fall days, as well. Yay! ^^

  4. Great pix; in my role as armchair tourist I thank you. =)

    Also, narrowly averted an iced tea hosing of my keyboard with the “Jesus, It’s a lion”… =D

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