Going Home

I sure hope they’ve glued the wings onto the plane by the time I get to the airport!

Note to Germany: Thanks. You were wonderful.

Note to United States: I am coming. Pick the place up before I get there. I’ll notice if you made a mess while I’m away.

And here we go.

14 Comments on “Going Home”

  1. All right. Carpet’s been cleaned, took back all the empty bottles, refilled the fridge…

    Oh… Oh, hell.

    WHO HAS SCALZI’S STEUBEN GLASS EGG?! Dammit, I told you not to put this party of Craigslist, people!

  2. Krissy would have gutted you like a fish if you had tried, Scorpious, and she didn’t tell me of practicing her knife work. So I suspect the house is still there.

  3. It’s better if they use the 24 hour epoxy instead of the fast stuff. [Comment partially removed due to unnecessary political inflammation on a completely benign subject. – KEB]

  4. This is just to say

    I have drunk
    The beer
    That was in
    The Icebox

    And that
    You were probably saving
    To remind you of Germany
    On your return

    Entschuldigen Sie mir
    Es war köstlich
    So durstlöscher
    Und so kalt

  5. Welcome back, John. While you were gone, we took the opportunity to replace every word in the English language with another word spelled and pronounced exactly the same, but with a slightly different nuance.

    Flea back knuckles, dude!

  6. Welcome Home. My copy of Subterranean Magazine #8 containing “Questions for a Soldier” arrived this week. I liked reading the exchange between the Soldier & the Colonists.

  7. OK, I’ve rented the flat bed. You guys finish that paper maiche Stature of Liberty head? ‘Cuz I need to hall that up to Arcanum and get it into Scalzi’s yard before his plane lands, and that’s 90 minutes from here. Oh, and the ape costumes have been rented, right?

    This is going to be sooooo cool!

  8. Ummm… what if the mess was here all along, and you didn’t notice it until you got back from a cleaner place?

  9. Dude, I walked the llama and brushed him just the way the note said, there is No way I’m cleaning up after the other guys’ party.
    …….Wait a minute, if you don’t have a llama, then whose house did I housesit this weekend?

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