And Now, the Most Interesting Cat in the World

“I do not always sleep on luggage. But when I do, I sleep on Samsonite™.”

He’s either saying that or “Dude, really? I totally have bed head and you’re taking a picture of me now? Not cool.” Sorry, Lopsided Cat. It’s a nice portrait anyway.

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  1. What Lynn said. I am, in fact, mildly surprised that Mr. Chang (who is not Chang) isn’t already all over this. You will be spoken to and have a finger wagged in your face, Herr Scalzi.

  2. To me it looks like he’s making moony eyes at you while making biscuits on your luggage.. :) :)

  3. Nice cat portrait. I love the brown fur contrasting against the light green of the wall in the background. Was this done using all natural light, or did you have a remote flash off to the side (45 degree key light angle)?

    I’m guessing natural light, as the shadows cast on the walk in the background seem to coming from window light I’d guess.

    Personally, I am a fan of natural light over using a flash. Flash photography can be a pain in the arse sometimes.

    I also like that you didn’t overdo the background bokeh. Some people really go nuts throwing the b.g. so out of focus it just becomes too abstract sometimes. I like to still get a sense of the space that the subject is in for a portrait.

    Sorry for the technical analysis. I’m a photography/video nerd. All in all though, a great picture of, what did you call him… Lopsided Cat?

  4. “I do not always do catnip, but when I do, I mainline it.”

    And then Lopsided ends up on Celebrity Rehab trying to claw Dr. Drew’s eyes out.

    Nip addiction is an ugly thing.

  5. Mighty Lopsided Cat is reclaiming his territory, which has gone to unknown spaces and brought back many new and interesting smells.

  6. Yes, cats love luggage. My cats also love purses, handbags, and grocery bags: in fact, anything they can climb inside. (Or try to. I really wish it had been possible to get a video of one trying to crawl into the center core of the paper-towel roll.) I love the “growing a handle” theory.

    Lopsided Cat looks very cuddly.

  7. O Great Scalzi, what an excellent picture of Mighty Lopsided Cat.

    While the picture cannot be improved (other than replacing it with one of the Beauteous Ghlaghghee) your text can certainly be:

    1. The title is ludicrous. Mighty Lopsided Cat is not the most interesting cat in the world. Quick quiz: who is? [1]
    2. Your primary interpretation is ridiculous.
    3. Your secondary interpretation is closer to the truth – no, not really. Mighty He is simply expressing disappointment that you actually came back.

    It’s time, Blacklisted Scalzi. You know what needs to happen. Now.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

    [1] – seriously? you think the Executive Committee needs to provide an answer?

  8. Awesome photo. Occasionally a domesticated feline photo reminds me of their not-so-domesticated origins. Ironically, this is one of those photos.

  9. Ahhh, Chang who is not Chang has weighed in, the post is complete, I can go to sleep knowing the universe is in order. Great picture, by the way.

  10. That expression reminds me so much of when I walk into the computer room and find Penny curled up on my chair. She’ll look up at me with this expression that quite clearly says, “What? You weren’t using it!”

  11. Cats and bags…a never ending source of comedic entertainment. Ours will go inside shopping bags full or empty, in addition to luggage. Boxes…don’t even get me started.

  12. My best friend told me that when she packed to return to college, she had to watch out that one or both of her cats didn’t try to stow away and go with “mommy” when she left.

  13. Like Lopsided cat, Buster knows that bags are for lounging. I have seen him pull a plastic grocery bag out of the holder, carry it into the living room, and place it in his favorite spot so he could lie on it.

  14. He’s looking for the Portal to Narnia.
    Seriously, though, he DOES look like that guy on the Dos Equis commercial. The last time I saw
    such a close human-cat resemblance, it was Eddie, named after Eddie Haskell because he had
    The Ears.

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