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Reminder: I’m GoH at SFContario in Toronto, November 18 – 20

That’s right, Canada. You thought you were safe from me. But you are not. I have a passport! YOUR BORDER WILL NOT STOP ME. Uh, unless your border people go, “Dude, turn back, eh?” At which case I will turn back, you big meanies. Barring that, however, I’ll be in Toronto this November 18 – […]

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The Big Idea: Lia Habel

Sparkly Zombies: A good idea? It’s a question one might ask of Lia Habel, whose novel Dearly, Departed features both romance and the dead. But as Habel explains in this Big Idea, there’s a fine line between creating the dead that can love and might feel love, and just making them hunkly, glittery dream fodder […]

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Shiny Happy Goth Gen-Xers Holding Hands

Two studies I find of some personal interest. The first, from the University of Michigan, notes that Gen-Xers (the generational cohort of which I am a part) is largely pretty damn happy, hardworking but balanced, and optimistic about their lives. The second from an English sociologist who’s been tracking Goth since their teens and early […]

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Slave Leia is SO 1983

Over at the FilmCritic.com column this week, I make suggestions for science fiction film-based costumes, of which “Slave Leia” is not only not one, but is in fact specifically forbidden. Why would I do such a rash act, which will almost certainly get me kicked out of the Nerd Male Society? And which costumes do […]

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