Reminder: I’m GoH at SFContario in Toronto, November 18 – 20

That’s right, Canada. You thought you were safe from me. But you are not. I have a passport! YOUR BORDER WILL NOT STOP ME. Uh, unless your border people go, “Dude, turn back, eh?” At which case I will turn back, you big meanies. Barring that, however, I’ll be in Toronto this November 18 – 20 as the International Guest of Honor for SFContario 2, joining fellow guests of honor Karl Schroeder, Gardner Dozios and Trixy Pixie Toyboat (whoops, my error). It will be tons of fun — imperial or metric tons, take your pick.

What will I be doing there? Oh, you know. EVERYTHING. I’ll be on panels! I’ll be doing readings! I’ll be interviewed! I’ll be presenting the live show of the Creation Museum Tour, which has become strangely popular. I might bring my ukulele and sing Canadian songs! Really, there are all sorts of things I’ll be doing. Most legal. You need to come to this convention. It will be more fun than your brain can currently posit. It’s not a slight on your brain, mind you. No human brain can posit the amount of fun we will have. So don’t ask me how I can posit it. You really don’t want to know.

Also, if for some inexplicable reason you cannot manage to make it to SFContario, I will also be doing an event at the Merril Collection on November 17. Here are the details.

So yes, Canada, a whole lot of me, come mid-November. YOU NEED TO BE THERE. Otherwise I will just strap on a feed bag filled with poutine and cry for three days straight. No one wants that. And no, I won’t take pictures. You want to see the Scalzi Poutine Feedbag, then you know what to do. See you there. Bring extra gravy.

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  1. So don’t ask me how I can posit it. You really don’t want to know.

    Obviously you have your cats assist you with the positing. They must squeeze it in between naps.

  2. Is that your way of hinting that you’ve been chosen as a test candidate for the new BrainPal software that I hear rumors about?

  3. For some reason I know a few people who did not realize they needed work permits and have gotten turned back from Canada. My SIL, most recently. She’s stuck in Detroit.

  4. Although i puzzled over the claim that Poutine is a traditional Acadian dish (I didn’t know that historical Acadians had french fries) and though it was challenged by Rappie Pie, our 2010 tour of Nova Scotia was highlighted by finding real Poutine with genuine squeaky cheese. Our arteries sobbed in despair even though already wounded by the fried pepperoni appetizer as we waited to rubber boat the tidal bore on the Bay of Fundy. Have a great time in Canada John, eh?

  5. I know I’m going to sound like an ass, but is Gardner Dozois really that big of a deal? The 3 or 4 The Year’s Best Science Fiction anthologies he’s selected and edited that I’ve read haven’t really been very good. As an Asimov’s editor, he’s important, kept sci fi alive and made contributions to the genre, but . . well, I guess its obvious I’ve never been an Asimov’s man and can read Wikipedia.

    I want to believe, but need someone to explain him. :)

  6. You know, scorpius, I saw your name on the Blatherations list and said “I bet he’s in there making a trollish comment.” And you did not disappoint me.

    Does it ever bother you to be so predictable?

  7. @John: I would not underestimate your imagination, so I’m not sure we can manage more fun than you can posit, but what we’re going for is more fun than you expect. ;)

    Our filk guest is actually Toyboat, who are also fun, in strange ways. (Not to say that Tricky Pixie isn’t fun, or strange, or whatever. Can I say “whatever”?

    @Adrienne: you don’t need a work permit to come to Canada, unless you intend to do work, which is very much not what will be happening at the convention. :) All you need to come visit Canada is a valid passport or equivalent ID (enhanced driver’s license, Nexus card, etc.). If anyone has questions about visiting Canada, contact us at Thousands of American fans have attended conventions in Canada in recent years without difficulties at the border.

    @idiosynchronic: Gardner Dozois is one of the most important editors in the history of science fiction. He knows everybody and has done, if not all, well a whole lot. Asimov’s is a great magazine, and certainly was for the twenty years he edited the magazine. We think he’s a big deal, we are delighted that he is coming, and we are also very happy that he is bringing writer and fan friends on the train from Philadelphia.

    @NovaDenizen: John is not coming by way of Port Huron, though if he were, one must remember that it was American customs that gave Peter Watts a hard time, and American customs are much nicer to Americans than they are to people from other countries. I cross at Port Huron a few times a year, as do lots of other people; it’s not that big a deal. Peter’s experience was unfortunate but also unusual, and we have all learned the lesson not to talk back to customs guards (which is all Peter did, apparently a felony in your country).

    @Old Leatherneck: Poutine may be an old Acadian dish, but it has been assimilated and is now part of Toronto cuisine, available at poutineries and other places. In fact the uniquely Toronto experience is butter chicken poutine from New York Fries (as butter chicken, poutine, and New York Fries are all Toronto things)

  8. Had this on my calendar for nearly a year. Aside from seeing John, which will be great, I’m a fan of Karl Schroeder ever since he was the Writer in Residence for the Merrill collection. He was kind enough to read a short story of mine and provide feedback and encouragement. Really a classy guy all around.

    I do love that the Merrill Collection even for John says it’s from 7:00 PM until 7:00 PM…. shortest event ever? Now I have to decide if I want to come up to Toronto a day earlier for that. Last time John was there was awesome.

  9. @idiosynchronic: Yes, Gardner Dozois is that big a deal. Leaving aside his 20-year, 15-Hugo run at Asimov’s, he’s a pretty good writer, too. He has a new book out that collects some of the best stories from his 40-year career. Go read that. His presence is as much a reason I’m looking forward to attending SFContario as the presence of Our Humble Host is.

    (Also, I’m on panels, but that’s why I kind of have to be there, not why I’m looking forward to it.)

    Last year’s SFContario was a fantastic convention; if you have half as much fun this year, you’ll have a great time.

  10. Narg. If I could make it to TO I would, but my one visit to TO per year is relegated to a furry con there in March. Otherwise, I’m stuck here in Montreal.
    But the folks running SFContario are great, and I’m sure you’ll have a blast :)

  11. Get that ukulele in tune. If you’re taking requests I’d like: 50 Mission Cap by The Tragically Hip; Snowbird by Anne Murray (it’s against the law not to know this song in Canada!); and something by Stan Rogers. Oh, and American Woman by The Guess Who — love hearing you Yanks sing that one.
    Best of luck in TO. Wish I could be there.

  12. scorpius, I’m sure I’m not alone in wishing you would cut down the amount of time you spend. By, say, 10 minutes.

  13. I just took a look at the schedule here: and here: , and I can’t seem to find your name among those doing an autograph session. Will you be signing autographs?

    My son is excited about seeing you again (Coke Zero bearer at the Merril Collection last year) and is hoping to get his copy of Fuzzy Nation signed.

    Looking forward to seeing you!

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