For All You Children of the 80s Out There

Missilebreak Outvaders. Yes, a mashup of Missile Command, Break Out and Space Invaders. Sorry about the ad that runs first, they have to pay for things, I suppose. But it’ll be worth it. You’re welcome.

(Hat tip: Metafilter)

32 Comments on “For All You Children of the 80s Out There”

  1. 1) Death to scalzi and the wasted hours.
    2) You left out PONG! (Maybe you aren’t old enough to remember back that far ;)

    Seriously, that many flashbacks in one game should be illegal.

  2. The scream you here is today’s productivity dying an agonizing yet enjoyable death. Dammit.


    Damnit man, are you trying to bring about the end of civilization or is it just a by-product of your twisted scheme to shut down Wall Street by sucking up all the bandwidth of the internet with retro-addictive games? Insidious is what you are regardless. Insidious I say.

  4. I made to the fifth round without losing too many cities and earned one back.
    It’s nice to know the old Atari Skills are still available. I stopped then cause I really need to do some other stuff today. Yep, them zombies ain’t gonna kill themselves…

  5. Was I the only one wishing for a nice big trackball? I never liked mouse control for games… Heck even an Atari 2600 paddle control would have been preferable!

  6. matthewd: Gimme a mouse over arrow keys any day. I cannot tell you how many games I literally can’t play online because they use the arrow keys for movement, and my hand/eye coordination is bad enough I’d have to be looking down at the keyboard every time I wanted to move, and in many games I’d get killed before I could decide. I can’t speak for a trackball, as I don’t recall ever having used one, but I’m perfectly happy using my mouse to navigate a game.

  7. Come on people, you didn’t have to drop a single quarter. Remember when you would pay to waste time like this? What, are you old? Oh wait.

  8. Quarters? What about waiting in line behind someone who was playing your favorite game and waiting for them to lose? sigh
    No wonder kids were less fat back then, they had to stand around to play games.

  9. Hmm. It’s the same guy, and appears to be the same game – I guess he just shortened the name.

  10. Peter Cibulskis says:
    No wonder kids were less fat back then, they had to stand around to play games.

    Not only that, but all those quarters meant less money to spend on junk food. ;-)

  11. It is a good thing I read this after work, after dinner, at home with several planned days off. I don’t need to get up early in the morning, but may want ochange out the mouse…….. I agree evil. So I sent it on to several others.

  12. This is better than Space Invaders but not quite as fun as Breakout. Though, in general, I approve. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Simply marvelous, thanks!

    (However, it seems to require IE. Firefox was a no-go for me.)

  14. As a child of the 80s thanks for that.

    Now if they’d only come out with my favorite arcade game for download: Black Tiger.

  15. Works fine in Firefox on Ubuntu. Maybe it’s a Windows hangup.

    Scalzi, just ‘cuase you can’t sleep doesn’t mean you have to take the whole blogosphere down with you. Oh well, if we have a double-dip recession, at least we’ll know where to point the pitchforks :)

  16. I see what you did there. Right before NaNoWriMo. Well played.

    If you ever find the online reincarnation of Oregon Trail II, post it for me, would ya?

  17. Can’t stop … can’t stop … curse you Scalzi … I’m doomed. Can’t stop … can’t stop … can’t st Oh hi honey, you’re home already? What did I do today? Well, I got to level 5.
    Level 5? What are you talking about? Not video games on the computer? Say it ain’t so. How old are you, 12?
    Well, I made my famous spaghetti sauce for dinner.
    Well then, that’s okay, but no more of that video stuff. Phil? Phil?
    Must save the cities, must save the cities. Can’t stop … can’t stop … what, bedtime already?

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