For All You Children of the 80s Out There

Missilebreak Outvaders. Yes, a mashup of Missile Command, Break Out and Space Invaders. Sorry about the ad that runs first, they have to pay for things, I suppose. But it’ll be worth it. You’re welcome.

(Hat tip: Metafilter)

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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I made to the fifth round without losing too many cities and earned one back.
It’s nice to know the old Atari Skills are still available. I stopped then cause I really need to do some other stuff today. Yep, them zombies ain’t gonna kill themselves…

matthewd: Gimme a mouse over arrow keys any day. I cannot tell you how many games I literally can’t play online because they use the arrow keys for movement, and my hand/eye coordination is bad enough I’d have to be looking down at the keyboard every time I wanted to move, and in many games I’d get killed before I could decide. I can’t speak for a trackball, as I don’t recall ever having used one, but I’m perfectly happy using my mouse to navigate a game.

Peter Cibulskis says:
No wonder kids were less fat back then, they had to stand around to play games.

Not only that, but all those quarters meant less money to spend on junk food. ;-)

It is a good thing I read this after work, after dinner, at home with several planned days off. I don’t need to get up early in the morning, but may want ochange out the mouse…….. I agree evil. So I sent it on to several others.

Works fine in Firefox on Ubuntu. Maybe it’s a Windows hangup.

Scalzi, just ‘cuase you can’t sleep doesn’t mean you have to take the whole blogosphere down with you. Oh well, if we have a double-dip recession, at least we’ll know where to point the pitchforks :)

I see what you did there. Right before NaNoWriMo. Well played.

If you ever find the online reincarnation of Oregon Trail II, post it for me, would ya?

Can’t stop … can’t stop … curse you Scalzi … I’m doomed. Can’t stop … can’t stop … can’t st Oh hi honey, you’re home already? What did I do today? Well, I got to level 5.
Level 5? What are you talking about? Not video games on the computer? Say it ain’t so. How old are you, 12?
Well, I made my famous spaghetti sauce for dinner.
Well then, that’s okay, but no more of that video stuff. Phil? Phil?
Must save the cities, must save the cities. Can’t stop … can’t stop … what, bedtime already?

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