Why It’s Snowing

Look, people: When the stores kept putting up the Christmas decorations before Halloween, what did you think was going to happen?

(Picture from here.)


17 thoughts on “Why It’s Snowing

  1. Next: dogs and cats living together (because it’s warmer that way).

    Not snowing here in Georgia (yet!), but it was damn cold this morning.

  2. I moved from Northern Minnesota to California, so I’ve never gotten over the idea that trick or treating in the snow is the normal state of things in the midwest.

  3. I remember trick-or-treating in the snow at least once in the early 1960s in St. Louis, back when holiday decoration creep never occurred. I wonder what um…precipitated…those storms?

  4. In my early years ’round these parts, Halloween costumes were usually of the “Yoda in a winter-coat” variety. Are those *umbrellas* I see?

    /when they are pushing show shovels, we can talk

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