Your Werewolf Will Attack You Now

“You are here for the 6:00 pm savaging, correct? Because I have a very busy schedule tonight.”

Apropos to this year’s Halloween sartorial choices:

Have fun out there tonight, kids.

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  1. I must be getting old. I’m in full 60’s hippie regalia and a mom asks me “what are you supposed to be?” I told her I was a hippie and she still didn’t get it.
    So far 2 Darth Vaders, 2 Princesses, 1 she devil (she was so young she didn’t know what she was). Several other masks – Jason, etc. No Richard Nixon masks – haven’t seen one of those for years. It’s getting late enough that we should start seeing the teenagers soon.
    When I was a kid, in my neighborhood, there would be hundreds of kids, but no violence or nasty pranks. Some of the houses would have elaborate scary garage set ups. Don’t see much of that now, although there are still some good places in the Twin Cities. Sigh, it’s not the same now – what a surprise. Ding dong. Ooh, she devil – now that’s costume I should get for my wife!

  2. Werewolf? She struck me more as a zombie Tom Poston; the character played by George Utley On the old TV show “Newhart”.

    (I had to Google the names but I knew who I was thinking of. I’m old enough to forget but young enough to augment my intelligence with technology. yea me.)

  3. They feared Dracula and loathed the Vampire LeStat, but no one struck terror into the hearts of Americans like Werewolf Dennis Franz.

  4. @Dragon You’ve got it backwards, or at least typed it that way. Tom Poston was the actor, George Utley was the character

  5. @John Bankert: Apparently my technology augmentation has failed utterly. I dressed as a scarecrow for Halloween; simulating the lack of a brain apparently has long term after effects.

  6. My son posted on his blog his solution to the problem of not being able to answer the door:

    A bowl of candy on the steps, containing a sign: “Goblins ate us. They left candy. Take one.” There was still candy after an hour or two, eventually it ran out.

    Of course, we’re in Minnesota. A commenter at Althouse who tried the same thing said the candy — and the bowl it was in — disappeared.

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